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Ya know that one commercial...


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...for either Tag/Axe bodyspray, where all these ridiculously hawt women are just marching into this guys house, as a big announcer type voice is merrily singing 'HAAAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'

well that pretty much sums up queen west yesterday afternoon...ChrisD woulda been a happy, happy guy.

Spring fever is upon us...won't be too long till the skirts come out!
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what if you shower before you use it as per the label instructions?

Touch is quite nice.
as is the new one. Unlimited, I believe. The deordorant and shower gels are superb.
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Beer babe

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junglegirl said:
not a fan of any and the advertising is horrendous

i agree with you....it's horrible advertising. imo they think both men and women don't have 2 brain cells to rub together.