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y4k Trouble Soup!


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seems the Italians have got the next one..

Trouble Soup!! present Y4K - Get a bowl of it now...

Italian dance music pioneers SANTOS & MADOX have joined forces to become Trouble Soup!! Trouble Soup!! are a breaks act that is causing quite a stir amongst the breakbeat and dance elite. Recent remixes for the likes of Todd Terry, Tayo & Acid Rockers and Slyde have all proved to be immensely popular and recent DJ escapades has increased their ever growing legion of fans. All in all Trouble Soup!! are a breakbeat force to be reckoned with.

Trouble Soup!! presents Y4K is a breakbeat house mashup that makes use of slamming house beats as much as it does of big ass breakbeats. Trouble Soup!! presents Y4K features exclusive track and remixes from the likes of Dave Clarke, Chris Lake, Santos and Madox. Y4K goes Italian and Santos & Madox fail to disappoint.

Available on CD, 2 x 12" and mp3

1. Ourhouse – Dropout (Mike Monday Remix) [Trouble Soup!! Edit]
2. Madox – Hypnotic Funk (Rightism Rave Re-Edit)
3. Tayo & Acid Rockers – Shorty The Pimp (Trouble Soup!! Remix)
4. Trouble Soup!! vs. Todd Terry – Can You Party?
5. Trouble Soup!! – Via Chicago
6. Superstyle Deluxe – We Funk
7. Madox – Le Plaisir Analogique
8. Robbie Rivera – Bizarre Love Triangle (Santos Remix)
9. E-The-Hot presents FRANCHISING – The People (Madox “Iz It Discofunk?” Remix)
10. Dave Clarke – The Wiggle (Madox Re-Rub)
11. Chris Lake – Release
12. Slyde – Vibrate To This (Trouble Soup Remix)
13. Trouble Soup!! – Enjoy The Sirens
14. Poonisher – The Stunt

seems like it's going to be quality techfunky business ..

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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heard the Trouble Soup remix of Shorty the Pimp and wasnt too impressed.
although I do think more 4/4 tunes need ragga vocals, it falls quite short of what I was hoping for, being a fan of the original.


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really on the techfunk vibe - there is definitely some full out 4 on the floor ..

and yeah, the Evil nine mix has some pretty 'different' tunes on tehre too
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I sure don't but I think that those who blindly cling to some essnetialist notion of breakbeat probably do.