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Y Tu Mama Tambien

Temper Tantrum

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Has anyone seen this movie? It's a mexian film about two brothers on a roadtrip, all in spanish with subtitles.

I checked it out last night and all I have to say is WOW. This blew my expectations away, I have not seen a movie this interesting in at least a year! Very neurotic, and naked (literarily and metaphorically speaking ;) ) and just intense. I walked out of the theatre shaking my head.

It's erotic and controversial and just such an amazing film.

PLEASE go see it if you haven't yet. If you have post your thoughts!



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oh my god!! ive been wanting to go since summer to see this!! where is it playing!?

while i was in el salvador it was in theaters and it looked good, but my cousins said it was crap and we ended up watching tomb raider.


is it on video or in theaters??



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hmm...read to the end of a post....*shakes head*


which theater?

(dont say in quebec)

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