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xvid dvd players


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Does anyone have any recommendations for a dvd player that plays both divx and xvid files off of a burned dvd? The Source has a Centrios for 69.99 but it is advertised as just divx & mpeg4 - most tv eps etc I download via torrents usually are in xvid with ac3 audio now days.. anyone know from experience whether this player or a similar cheapo one will play these files?
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usually if it says divx, it will also play xvid.

I have the LG $79 from Future Shop and am very happy with it.


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The Philips DVP-642 (also $79 from FS or Walmart) is awesome. You'll find a lot of positive reviews of it on here. It's so far played everything I throw at it, in excellent quality.


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I found out the hard way with the cheap ones (nextech) that playing the divx off of a dvd gave me buffer problems. unwatchable. plays fine off of a cd though.
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I have the LG $79 from Future Shop and am very happy with it.

have the same player also. newest player on the market and has the best quality also. for the price it cannot be beat.