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Xmas ideas to pass time


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- everytime your nephew does not get you a beer tell him santa is not coming for him this year or next year or ever, then tell him that the easter bunny has also been watching his non beer bringing misbehavior and that easter is almost over now as well.

- After each time a family member asks you to help them do something say someone has to watch the children and then proceed to just play video games.

- replace the childrens juice with jolt cola or red bull and watch the xmas season reach new levels of insanity

- have a contest with the children to see if chocolate actually does melt in your hand

- do the same with cake, bacon and cheetoos

- replace grandpa's beer with a alchohal free variety and watch him still act like a fool ( talking about my dad not my actual grandpa)

that is all i have done so far any other ideas
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