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xmas gifts for mom


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i always find my mom the to be the hardest person to buy xmas gifts for - i am sick of getting here pjs or clothes or a book..

what are you guys getting your mom?
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Perfume, Gift Certificates

Other typical ideas...

Salon Certificates
Spa Treatments...
And anything along those lines...

Anything involving pampering seems to please a lot of women :D


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a cleaning lady

make her dinner

paint her a picture

write her a long letter of thanks

'slap-stick' dvd's (for my mom esp)

framed pics of the family

does she have any hobbies? my mom loves plants and gardening.. so I get her plants and planters and planting equipment. lol

she also loves travelling.. so I like to get her stuff for her trips (ie a leather ticket wallet, bathing suits etc etc..)

good luck!
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There's some cool shit on the lower level of Holt Renfrew- leather bound note books, ornaments, household items (they have beautiful wine glasses if you don't mind spending a little more money).

You could always opt for one of those gift baskets from Hickory Farms if you're pressed for time.


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My mom asked me to get her this certain calendar this year...


So I did?

When I get paid again this week I'll probably hit Body Shop for some stuff as well.

She knows I'm low in the cash world right now.

Boss Hog

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My mom gets fuck all and that's exactly what she deserves.

just kidding she's on a beach in Mexico for six months so I can't reach her. :) love you mom, just kidding. now make me a chicken pot pie.
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If Mom's religious, I highly suggest getting her the Jackhammer Jesus.


Jesus fucking Christ. Literally. This extremely blasphemous dildo features a fairly realistic dickhead at the tip, and a crucifix complete with a figure of our crucified Lord at the base. A very hefty dildo with lots of ridges and bulges, it's perfect for playing debauched priest, naughty nun, or re-enacting The Exorcist. 10" total length (7-1/4" insertable length), 1-1/2" in diameter at the head, 1-3/4" in diameter at the widest insertable point (Jesus's knees). Do note that the shape of this dildo means it can't be used with a harness. Glow-in-the-Dark White (a pearlescent white).


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My mom always requests Estee Lauder cream and Popeye's chicken. So that's what she's getting.
We're not a big presents kinda family.

If you don't mind spending the cash, a trip is always nice. Like a getaway or something.


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Originally posted by Boss Hog

how I love thee.

Originally posted by Lysistrata
I heart(on) you.
From the One That Got Away Thread.

We're soul mates Chris, that's all there is to it. I'll dump Geoff, you dump Palmela and we'll run away to an anarcho-syndicalist commune.
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I got tired of her using my computer, our schedules clashed grealty.

So I dug through all the junk in my closet, and slapped together a 233 Pentium, which will fit the required bill nicely.

We both win.