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xm and sirius satellite looking to expose indie talent too!?


TRIBE Promoter
this was forwarded from a good friend and thought it might be of interest to any unsigned indie talent lurking here on tribe...

imho, it's encouraging to see they're interested in exposing unsigned talent!!

just thought i'd pass this info along. feel free to do the same...



In an unusual and welcome change to the status quo, radio stations are asking independent artists to submit their material for review.

XM and Sirius have each written a letter asking you for your music.

Please read the letters pasted below.


Gregg Terrence
Indie Pool


Dear Gregg,

As you know XM Satellite Radio Canada is now up and broadcasting all over Canada and the United States. We are extremely proud to be the first Canadian broadcaster to transmit Canadian programming content, produced by Canadians, in Canada, to our neighbours to the south. This is truly a historical moment in Canadian broadcasting. It would not have happened if not for the support of Canadian independent recording artists.

Now it's time to spread the word about our great Canadian music scene. To do that we need music, lots of music. We would like you to encourage your membership to submit their music to XM Satellite Radio Canada. The channel that will be most appealing to English artists is channel 52. It is a rock based format built around the "new, emerging, now" theme. We play music from both signed and unsigned acts. If it's good we'll play it.

Artists should send their material to Cameron Carpenter, our Director of Canadian Talent Development or Jeff Leake, the Music Director for 52. The mailing address is:

XM Satellite Radio
Suite 1105
330 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1B7

It is our goal to promote new Canadian music across North America and help support our vital independent scene. Please thank all of the artists who supported satellite radio in Canada and let them know we are open for business!

Best regards,

Ross Davies
VP Programming
XM Satellite Radio Canada


Dear Gregg,

It was a pleasure to meet you. We look forward to working with you and independent artists.

The Iceberg - Channel 95 on Sirius Satellite Radio - is 100% Canadian music. Available to more than three million American subscribers, thestation offers a unique opportunity to new artists to reach the American market. Our programming mix devotes 25% of our broadcast time to new and uncharted artists. We are actively searching for the hottest indie bands to play on air.

The Iceberg format is Triple A - Or Adult Album Alternative - offering aneclectic blend of Rock, Pop, Alternative, Folk and R&B musical styles. The Iceberg also plays several songs from the hottest releases.

Please let your membership know that we are here and we are ready to heartheir music. They simply need to send their releases and bio information to me directly at Iceberg Satellite Radio.

Thanks again to you and Indie Pool for helping The Iceberg explore the exciting world of Canadian independent releases.


Liz Janik
Program Manager
Iceberg Radio - Sirius Satellite
2 St. Clair Ave. West, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Canada
M4V 1L6
(416) 323-5220
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