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Xdarwin and Fink


TRIBE Member
Anyone tried out x apps in osx?

I have been getting into this lately. I use Fink to install apps and have decided to use xdarwin instead of apples x11. I have successfully installed a gnome desktop enviroment and a few apps like gimp. Looking to see if anyone else has any pointers or feedback they wish to share.



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Rarely... fink + apple's x11 work fine for me. I guess I just don't use the x11 stuff often enough.


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only one that I've been using thus far is OpenOffice.org, which works wonderfully. I tried (very briefly) to get Nicotine working, but haven't been successful yet.

I found the experience quite painless. The only thing that irks me is not being able to Control-Tab through individual X windows, but there's a fix (upgrade to X.org and latest Quartz). I just haven't fixed it yet.

So far my Mac OS X eperience is all thumbs up. :)
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