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Xcom to be revisited by Firaxis (unhhhh....)


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Man they saved my asses so many times!

But as my psi-operatives got higher between them and an expert hacker I have had *less* need for them, but they're always handy!

Getting close to final mission i busted through the curve on this Commander play through so it has been in like 'Xcom 2 sandbox" mode for me, just building everything I can and levelling everyone up to see whats what.

Cant wait for it to be over the challenge has been gone for some time.

My ironman run will change all that...


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Also equip your skulljack on your hacker - gives a buff to hacking skill, i figured this out late and could have had so many more successful skullmine attempts!!


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One really nice touch is that if your soldiers are wounded severely and are shaken, they earn new scars.

Really makes it look like they have been through the ringer by the end.

I want to do an ironman mode, but there are still too many BS things that happen that I am not ok with. I do bronzeman, where I do not save-scum, but will restart entire missions if I have to.

It's a challenge, but its not as open as standard game.


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Ya funny you should mention - Ironman flushes out some of those niggling issues - so I think I will wait til next big patch before jumping in.

My Legend/Ironman start:
- Clear first mission with 4 soldiers, 1 wounded. Played SUPER conservative and made sure to not trigger too many aliens at once.
- 2nd mission. Complete the hack I needed to in the time I needed to, the final set of aliens comes at me - two soldiers and a sectoid - shit
- sectoid mind controls one of my dudes and luckily I got a guy with a flashbang nearby, however sectoid is inside a building and so the grenade needs to be in the right square to ensure it isn't shielded by its cover/a wall/etc.
- i get that "unable to click" thing that happens when you're trying to target a grenade toss, a million clicks and you just can't get it to go. when a click finally does register its int he wrong square to my intention, mind control stays up and within 2 turns i lose 2 soldiers and have one left that isn't mind controlled.

Ok so fuck Ironman for now lol - when I DO go ironman im gonna be super careful about grenade targeting, seems to me this has been an issue since the 1st game so unsure if this will be fixed..


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PLayed multiplayer last night -

Ok its going to be great but took us 1 hour to play one match. THe timing of each turn was incorrectly reported and as we had live skype going we could chat and we knew there were long periods of 30-120 seconds where NOTHING was happening on either side.

Really extends each turn for no reason and makes for a slow slow game.

Needs patching before we will pick it up again unless we're desperately bored - but can't wait to get into it!
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Patch is out!

Fixes multiplayer and tons of other shit.

Down for a game anytime with any triber that wants - can't remember if I have you on my steam list or not already, so PM me if you're down some night with your steamID