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Xcom to be revisited by Firaxis (unhhhh....)

Discussion in 'Technology' started by praktik, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Sleepy Giant

    Sleepy Giant TRIBE Member

    Is Xcom on sale yet?
  2. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    Anyone on the new xcom expansion yet? Just waiting for my stupid brother to send me it on steam..

    Apparently pretty cool!
  3. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    Wow ok - expansion rocks!

    AI seems a lot smarter, though occasionally you end up seeing a ridiculous move that results in an easy kill for the player...

    Tried on Classic - Ironman for a few different tries, kept getting smoked. Started again on Normal and bumped up to classic after getting laser weapons - been chugging along ever since!'

    Some really tough new mission types: some fresh missions with the chryssalids and also a continuing series against "Exalt", a group working with the aliens that you end up sending one of your soldiers to in order to prepare the ground for a raid on an Exalt cell.

    Pretty cool beans - when you show up your operative is there as a weak "extra man", but if you sent them in with Support class/medpack, its like having another 3-use medipack guy around!

    Two new options for your squad: mech assault trooper - just about as cool as it sounds, whole new upgrade path.

    Gene mods - can modify genes to get cloaking, health regen, better aim - both the mechs and the gene modding require "Meld" a new substance you can recover from game maps (introduces bit of a cool mechanic as they time out if you dont pick em up in time - can lead to reckless mistakes!)

    Anyway if you have this game no point playing with out the expansion - adds a lot of new tricks for those bored and waiting for the sequel this is almost like a sequel in some respects!
  4. Sleepy Giant

    Sleepy Giant TRIBE Member

    Can you send it to me on Steam?
  5. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    I could send it if I had a gift copy to send but I don't! This costs money but is on sale for another day @ 33% off!
  6. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    This is on for 75% off right now on steam, FYI.

    Been going through a Classic Ironman run and it's been... challenging. Fun, but I have had to learn not to name my squaddies and develop personal attachment to them.

  7. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    is the xcom enemy unknown on the iphone the same as the PC version? It was loads of fun, although I loled when meeting the final boss, going through his majestic cutscene making him seem really dangerous, and then killing him in the first turn with a rocket and double-tap.
  8. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    Havent played the xcom multiplayer heard it was ok!

    Peeps can hit me up on steam if they want to try
  9. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    I was hoping it would be multiplayer co-op but it is just a random map skirmish mode.

    You can play as the aliens, which is fun.
  10. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Psst. Xcom 2.

  11. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Gameplay Video

  12. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    Looks incredible.. the IGN reviews of the new character classes had me pumped too..;)
  13. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    I am excited for the stealth mechanics. Really nice addition to the game. (among many)
  14. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

  15. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Releases tomorrow!

    Just in time for the long weekend.
  16. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    Played 4 hours last night.

    No glitches - all fun. Going Commander style before I give Legend a try.

    Loving pretty much everything - been some tough missions but i've been able to skate by with "gravely wounded" over losing soldiers most of the time.

    Pretty much improved everywhere - graphics, interface, the maps, the aliens - your soldiers.

    I just started and its awesome already
  17. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    And here I am stuck at work like a CHUMP!
  18. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    ok its wicked - so wicked.

    Just getting some good kit finally - my ironman run on the previous Xcom seems to have set me well.

    Im not playing without reloading but finding i dont have that much need to.

    Just play conservative, keep the squad together - retreat a guy sometimes.
  19. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    So who's digging in?

    Im finding I'm having big success in the missions on Commander - but had to restart as it does take a new approach on the base building/research/manufacturing side of things.

    Was letting the aliens get too far in the Avatar project so on my restart did much better: prioritized comms a lot more and acquiring as much staff (engineers/scientists) as I could every month.

    Now I have the breathing room to really tech up - I am just about maxed on armaments with my plasma rifles/snipers finally online - but have more advanced armor to try and my psionics lab is only being built just now.

    So havent yet had a chance to try my hand at any of the more advanced soldier abilities/builds possible...

    Anyway - amazing, amazing sequel - its like everything is better really!!
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2016
  20. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    I am waiting a tick before jumping in. I have some time off work coming up and I wanted to go in fresh once a few bugs have been worked out.
  21. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    ya i was worried about bugs but can only assume reviewers had a version sent early with a few more.

    Not one crash, nothing that messed up a single turn yet.

    My hour counter is up to 12-15 hours now - or must be close to that anyhow.

    Worst that's happened is after selecting an action game pauses for like, 5 seconds more than you'd think. That happens once every few missions. Totally tolerable. Oh and when clicking on which promotion to take, i've had to ESC out and go back a few times cause something about the layout makes it hard to view/click the left-most column of promotions sometimes. Takes about 3 seconds to rectify, get out/go back in to the promotions option menu.

    This has happened maybe after 4-5 missions and I've easily got close to 30+ missions under my belt if not more.

    So I was bracing for impact on reports of "buggyness" - and have basically not experience a single bug that had any serious impact or cause any serious problem for me during/after a mission.

    Jump in, the water's fine!

    THough I know with PC gaming everyone's system is different, maybe you will trigger more bugs who the hell knows....
  22. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Ok I jumped in.

    Took a little bit of getting used to but overall I am really enjoying it. Spent quite a while making a bunch of soldiers.

    I have noticed a few new scars on soliders that have taken some serious wounds so that's fun.

    One thing I am struggling with is the pacing. I have no idea if I am moving too fast or too slowly. I am just doing stuff that pops up and hoping for the best.

    Trying to hit all the icons on the map, but I seem to be juggling 2 or 3 scans at once always. Should I be ignoring some / prioritizing?

    Should I be working to make contact with as many places as I can asap similar to the satellite rush?
  23. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    Yikes hit my first tech issues - Nvidia came out with SLI profile in new drivers this week. Performance increase happened right away when I turned it on and it was nice!

    But had my first game crashes after doing so in some missions so I'm going back to single card until new patch/next Nvidia iteration maybe...


    As for pacing I had one weird game for my first one where I was kicking ASS in the missions but losing the game, the Avatar progress was getting too high and I had too little time to catch up and roll it back.

    One reason you need to prioritize comms/contacts is because this is the basis of your economy - but the other reason is that Avatar facilities and important events will occur *somewhere* in the world, and if you have spread out a ways then this will mean you have less territories to connect to GET to that facility OR it may pop up in place you already contro

    My issue in game #1 was being too far away from these facilities with not enough resources/time to even open up the territory so I could even start those missions.

    So yes, in terms of build order prioritize comms -get an Advanced Warfare Center as early as you can too - the bonus promotions that can happen once you do are great.

    If you're even *thinking* about Psilabs get one early so you can train rookies from the get go - i've built one and havent even used it because I've been in a dry stretch for rookies and all my guys were promoted by the time it was finished building.
  24. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    OK so some updates:
    - Hotfix issued feb 17th has stopped all crashing
    - also I stopped with the "CAPS LOCK" trick of hitting the button during the end of missions to speed things up and heard this can contribute to crashing so maybe that had a hand in it too - anyway, pretty much perfect gameplay last few sessions so I aint complaining!
    - ok so I figured out where I can recruit soldiers - DOH - needed rookies badly! Finally have some going up the psi-ladder!
    - Getting my bag of tricks more and more refined, missions are going pretty well and rarely am I cornered in too horrible of a situation. I am still reloading but I just want to figure out all the mechanics (like where the fuck to get rookies!) and my mission plans so I can do a Commander/Ironman run next! Have lost only one soldier but thats because of some trickery on my part with the reloading - i forsee a lot of dead soldiers on my hands in ironman!! But hopefully not so many I can't still win!
    - I LOVE hacking and taking control of turrets and robots - can't wait for my psi-enabled soldiers to get some mind control. This shit certainly saves my bacon as any controlled unit becomes a target, immediately for all the aliens. The mimic beacon is also amazing and helped me get out of a ton of bad situations!
  25. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Can we get a shout-out for mimic beacons? Especially for grouping chrysalids.

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