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so what did everyone think?
i liked it,
it was fun because it was a different sort of event.
the controllers were too big for my little hands, so i felt a little disadvantaged playing the games.
if anyone from mircrosoft is reading this...two types of controllers would be nice - small and not-small

still a bit more excited about the gamecube though.
but i love nintendo.

warning: inside jokes ahead, not everyone may understand

my highlight: mmmmm, pizza hut...i'm 'all about' the quality pizza

good seeing a lot of tribe peeps!
thanx for coming with me susan
check your messages...hehe
norm we MUST hang out more - so fun...microsoft "don't fack around"
allie...that guy that bought us rev? wtf?
jay...ikeda, nothing else needs to be said
to everyone else...i hope you enjoyed my antics: for example, me dancing around like a gansta to amuse y'all :p

back to review, sorta

so who stuck around for crystal method?
how were they?
baby blue sound crew were ok...didn't blow my mind or anything - but the old 80's tracks man they couldn't be beat!

if you were there you know what i mean:
"memories, of you and me go on and on" ?
of course i know the words!


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oh sure and i dont get a mention.. pshawwww!!!

had a blast.... serious fun!

whats better than xbox? rev and xbox!!!


Temper Tantrum

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I had a fucking BLAST
I almost didn't go out last night --> was really feeling run down and what not, but I went and I had fun. For god sake they were playing cheezy Euro Cheese that I'm convinced was like Dance Mix 94 played over and over again

Their was midgets, and a Bill Gates Look Alike and a girl with stars on her nipples. And REV and free pizza and video games.

How could you NOT have fun?

Thanks so much to that420guy for bringing my punk ass --> even though I lost you and your awesome crew within about 10 minutes of walking in the door. Nick et. all are very chillin people

LRP --> Proved how MUCH I suck @ Video Games when he kicked my ass very badly at Car racing. SOSOSOSOSOSO good to see you my friend, it's been way too long

Galactic Phantom --> Keith is always trouble, and always fun!

MalGlo and JayRev --> Dave out on a schoolnight? As usual grabbing asses and shaking his little scrawny one
Hope you enjoyed the redbull!

PinkAngel, Smiley Jo, Jay aka Fut --> The terrible trio. Awesome as always seeing you

And last but not least starr--> DEAR LORD CHILD. Best night ever!
My liver cannot handle being friends with you any longer! Baby doll thank you for absolutely making my night and being far too much fun. Your the coolest chick to hang out with.

The Xbox isn't much more then a souped up playstation but I had a BLAST

So next time I want to stay in, kick my ass, I'm glad I didn't miss this

t. tAnTrUm


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It was fun....free pizza and open bar...that was too good to be true! Yah i stuck around for chystal method, their music was great, but they can't dj for shit. I'm not much of a gaming person, but i did try out a few games. The driving games were fun, and ya i agree the controllers were big and clunky, and the triggers were hard, my hands got tired after a few minutes of playing. I guess i'm not a "Hardcore Gamer"

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hey...yeah, fun times...

more people shoulda showed tho...

all the music was great...

Crystal Method...great sounds...

i kik ass at DEAD OR ALIVE...i'm hooked...

peace yo
big ups to the whole crew...


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I only stayed for about an hour of Crystal Method's set because I thought it was mediocre. To be honest, I don't know much about Crystal Method's music, except for a few of their more popular tracks. I don't think I would go see them play again unless i knew that it would be a live PA.

It didn't help much that the dj setup allowed for a whole lotta skipping. You could tell the DJs were not happy about it throughout the night.

You could certainly tell that there was a lot of money thrown into this production, what with the free pizza, dozens of xbox game setups, superior laser lighting and the spotlights creating a giant green "X" in the parking lot. I think a little more careful planning would have made the night less problematic, especially regarding the music.

The MC was "Fresh Phil" from YTV....Whoever it was from the Xbox marketing team that decided to hire this guy should have each of their eyeballs removed with a rusty nail tied to a dirty stick. I'd be the first to volunteer. WORST MC EVAR. This guy needs to go back to Treehouse or The Zone or where ever he came from and stay there.

It was great to see so many tribe people there, even though 90 percent of them left before midnight(SELL-OUTS! hehehe).

Good times with muh people:

Keith, Allie, Jay and Dave, Willar and his beautiful girl, Svet and Jo, susan, michelle, PeAcEandIvAnSteady, the Klubmastah, Finch(at least i think it was Finch) and a long lost friend from the raving days of old Matt aka BigBlueBaby from the old hullaboard days. You all made the night that much more bearable..

PS- I OWN at the racing game, come tess me now, rudebwoy!

OLM from HOM

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Got there really late, only to find it was dead. Got to play some video games, the skateboarding one kicked ass, so did that fighting one ... lol, so much for names, I was already messed up from the whole Tonic experience.



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Being one of the fortunate few to actually win one that night I couldn't really have a bad night. Free drink tickets on top of that was proper as well.
Does anyone else find that video games and live music in a club totally contrast each other? I chill, maybe puff and play video games with friends.
Complete opposites put together. But is was unique all the same.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by alexd:
sounds like it wasn't all that exciting....</font>

No, it wasn't. As I said, I think it could have been better organized...the party was 19+, but I think a 14 year-old would have been more interested in what Fresh Phil had to say. There was no real build-up leading up until midnight. That was the time marking the official release of xbox into the Canadian market. It just seemed to get less and less crowded, while the music maintained its mediocrity.



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They had a mainstream PR agency promoting it and I think the XBOX management figured their product is so special it would just create a fabulous party all by itself. What's exciting to them, generally speaking, is boring to us.

They have much to learn about promoting to our scene (which is what the goal was here I think - as they are trying to link XBOX with electronic music culture...)

At least crystal method was exciting when they were at the Masonic Temple back in 95...
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Angus Robinson

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I had a good time for the couple hours that I was there. Free coat check, free pizza, but what's this I hear about an open bar?? Did I miss out? There I was payin $4.25 for beers like a sucka!

I heard from a couple people that bill gates was there. But, that kind of surprised me because there were x box launch parties in every major city in North America. Why would Bill Gates choose Toronto. Then a friend told me that Bill Gates has a whole team of impersonators working for him, and that one at the docks was probably one of them. It would be interesting to know whether Bill Gates was at all the other x box launch parties as well!



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Then a friend told me that Bill Gates has a whole team of impersonators working for him, and that one at the docks was probably one of them. It would be interesting to know whether Bill Gates was at all the other x box launch parties as well!</font>

Yes, I've heard that too. Your friend must be very well informed!