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Xbox w/Excuter 2 chip (can play burned dvd's) + 30 games

tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit


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Originally posted by qtip
who the fuck made you the buy sell and rent fucking COMPTROLLER

every thread I see your loser ass in talking not stop about the rules

remove pickle

wiggle ass

you'll feel better. TRUST me.

Shut the fuck up Drew Carey, it's the rules.. do I look like I'm enforcing them? Or controlling anything? No.. just pointing them out for those who don't take 5 minutes to click on the rules thread. They're fairly common rules included on most buy & sell forums so go take your tissuebox to any of those.

Besides, I couldn't care less if anyone wants to sell that shit, I don't make it personal, however, Tribe is liable for facilitating the re-sale of copyrighted material whenever a deal like this is posted, which is why the rule is there. Cunt.