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XBMC / Kodi

The Kid

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Just like the title says, anyone using? Thinking about giving it a shot primarily for streaming content - advice, tips and/or tricks appreciated!

Cheers... le kidskii


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I have been experimenting with xbmc on and off for a few years now Sometimes the build is slick and smooth, other times it is clunky and lags. It might be the different computer i have been installing it on too. I have heard that some of the main players that streamed good content and helped with the different builds have left the scene.


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im still on frodo, kodi doesnt work on win xp. As for streaming content superrepo has everything you need. i have mine setup just for icefilms, 1channel (primewire), and an snes emulator.
if your looking for tutorials go here

Aaron Bradley

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I have 2x Raspberry PI's that run the latest XBMC dist. That's how I watched Breaking Bad and a few other series. Pretty slick.


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old thread.....new question

I'm running Win 10 and Kodi 17.3

I cant get Kodi to see my shared folders? I set up UPnP Home Group on Windows. Kodi will only see the basic music / video/ picture folders on my C: drive.

I want it to see my external drive. I have added it to the home group and shared all its contents on Windows.

I have been reading online Win 10 has some weird sharing problems? Anyone come across this and have a solution?



ps. I had this all up and running win my old win 7 machine and kodi so I do know it can work.


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Solved the problem..... I had to put a password on the WIndows log in for it to work.

Kinda stupid but as soon as i did it Kodi saw all of the shared folders.


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Nope......didnt solve the problem.

Still asking for a password, and doesnt connect.....so frustrating.....I thought this is what kodi was build for.....sharing local files between computers.

Anyone a Kodi expert around here? Believe me I have read the internet....any input is appreciated.


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I am still on the File Explorer/Torrent Download program and its working just fine for me.

I have invites left for my private tracker site - can keep ratio or donate a bit to stay on the good side. Easy peasy. No letters from lawyers cause they go after the public torrents.

PM me if want

Bernnie Federko

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Do people still use Kodi? Haven't used it in awhile, last time I tried to use it there was nothing.
Done with it. For a hundred and fifty for the year, I'm using Vader streams. Fully live tv, great time shifting going back a week, and after a recent update, better than decent on demand for TV and Movies.


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I've asked before when you just started using it, but how's the movie selection? Can you watch new movies like kodi used to be?

Bernnie Federko

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Where are the movies from? Are they from real channels(ie. TMN) or is someone streaming it from their basement?
Both. They stream all the movie channels (one of the widgets is titled Premium Movies and is live streams of stuff like Starz, HBO, USA, ePix, TMN etc etc etc), and there's another widget for VOD.


New Member
I recently moved back to using Kodi, after everything stopped working I also went with IPTV and a similar service to Vader, but didn't hear about that specific one, Vader.. i will check it out.

Some people that ask me for help with their Kodi setups often don't got anything in their pockets to pay for anything so I end up finding solutions for their cheap demands. There's new add-ons that are working just as well as they used to with In theater stuff as well, but for sure it takes more time setting up.

I was able to find a lot of the new updated stuff and tutorials on here: Search Results for “Kodi” – Page 2 – VPNPick.com - simply search Kodi and all the tutorials come up. There's stuff for NFL, MMA, Sports in general and all the recent addons that work for this year.