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X-Files... Leaving on a high note?

Evil Dynovac

TRIBE Member
I use to be a huge X-Files fan but over the past few years I lost interest. They have been counting down to the last show and truth be told I didn't care much but I did catch last night's episode, the one with Evil Simon, who's drawings become real in people's minds.

What an awesome, awesome episode. It was one-shot thrillers like this that hooked me to the show in the first place. No unsolved alien conspiracies, just all out weirdness from which they barely surivived.

Last night's episode ranks up there with episodes like 'Home.' I loved it enough to almost watch next weeks.

We'll see.

Klubmasta Will

TRIBE Member

the references to past episodes and the reappearance of mulder's biggest fan were also funny.

5 more episodes left.

"trust ........ no .. one."

Ditto Much

TRIBE Member
For the XFiles to have left on a high note they would have had to stop filming it three seasons ago. And I'm being conservative I'm tempted to say 4 or 5 seasons ago would have been better.


TRIBE Member
ew. - I though last nights episode was bad.
we all hated that blond chick with NO acting ability... she sucked.

and not only that but I am going to suffer nightmares from those bleeding eyes for awhile - which already started last night :eek:!
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