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WWDC 2013: Apple's Keynote


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Fresh OS (called Maverick), refreshed apps
Upgraded Macbook Air..

and then they drop this:

new Mac Pro (finally):

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Mac Pro:
Thunderbolt 2
Double the CPU performance
Faster Ram
All-PCIe-based Flash Storage
1.25 GBps read/1.0 GBps write
2.5x faster GPUs - 384-bit memory bus, 528 GBps bandwidth, supports 4k displays
Designed and built in the US
Gigabit ethernet, 4 usb ports, 6 thunderbolt ports
1/8th the size of the old Mac Pro tower
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lol new iOS looks slick too.

basically a laundry list of stuff [STRIKE]stolen from[/STRIKE] inspired by Android which is killer because really, people just want to do the things they can do on an Android phone, on their iPhone. +1 Apple.
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Looks like a cheap Chinese phone knock off to me. Not sure why everyone likes the flat look.

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I'm running iOS7 and it's alright.

There's one feature that is missing that really pisses me off. I very often use the 'universal search' feature to search the web or wikipedia. Now, Universal Search only seems to search the phone itself without giving the option to choose 'search the web' or 'search wikipedia'.

To do a web search, I now need to launch safari and search from there. Not nearly as convenient. I hope this is fixed by the release date.

The parallax home screen effect is kind of neat, but it's choppy at first while the phones accelerometers are getting its bearings.

The phone makes better use of screen real estate so the screen almost feels bigger without changing in size which is nice. Can't wait to see what hardware they come up with to complement this OS.