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Wut a Monday!

Big Cheese

TRIBE Member
what a beautiful way to start the week after having a wonderful weekend.......

weather is bomb, ladies lookin fine, dudes all geared up lookin fresh, nice light breeze, outlook for the rest of the week lookin good

1 test down, one more to go.....

anyone @ GB St. James Campus wanna hook up for a session sometime b4 wednesday? PM me 'cuz touring weather for the sticky-icky-icky is in full effect kids ;^)

fuck me sideways i'm in a GREAT mood :D



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altho, i was sick part of the weekend, the fun, the friends, the good lovin', the shopping, the yoga, the breaks, and the good food i had the rest of the weekend has put me in a lovely mood!! (plus all three of my bosses are travelling the rest of the week, so my week is looking light and stress free!!)

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I just got back from Cuba last Monday and it was HOT & SUNNY all week, and it's now starting to warm up, hopefully for good......Weekend was awesome.....can't wait for summer.....Some fun in the sun & BBQ's.
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Dirty Girl

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Originally posted by SneakyPete
I've never heard of bbq's being stolen. Who steals bbq's?

OMG what do you guys live in a cave???

anyone steals bbq's -- stupid bratty kids that just wanna trash something and cause problems, and blow shit up, people that wanna sell them for money, people that dont have their own BBQ and want one....


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if someone steals my BBQ and I will hunt them down and castrate them with a spoon.... and THEN i'm gonna hurt them!
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what an absolutely lovely day...

i picked up my passport and am a third of the way through foucault's 'history of sexuality', which i finally decided to do my essay on. it was nice to sleep in, go to class and show up to work for 1:00.

i'm elated that the weather's getting nicer.