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WTF of the day: Hardwell Interviews New Yorkers About EDM


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Hardwell Interviews New Yorkers About EDM Who Have No Idea He’s Hardwell (Video)


Surrounded by large video screens in Times Square yesterday, Hardwell unveiled the North American leg of his sold out I Am Hardwell World Tour.

The Elite Daily video team had a chance to catch up with the DJ before the big announcement. Rather than just interviewing the world’s #1 DJ, according to a DJ Mag poll, we decided to take him around Times Square to talk to some of his fans.

While many know of his chart topping music, not as many people actually recognize his face.

We set out to ask New Yorkers what they thought of EDM in general, and the responses we got were nothing short of epic.

Hardwell Interviews New Yorkers About EDM Who Have No Idea He's Hardwell (Video)

I Am Hardwell
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That was totally awkward.

And while we're on the topic, I saw this recently which is probably the funniest newspaper headline i've ever seen.


For those that can't read German, it says "The richest Dj in the world can't find a woman..". Aww.. poor Tiesto.

These EDM wankers live in a bubble and are completely disconnected. No wonder they can't interact with normal people.