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WTF is up with David Blaine?


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Jesus Christ. How does this guy do all this bullshit? Is it real? Im watching a special on him (on TLC). What the fuck.
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I like his stupid antics, like encasing himself in ice and shit. It's not so much magic as Fear Factor, without the money or anyone to compete against.
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if you search online there's some site that explains how he does all his tricks...my dad found it after watching one of his specials. Now even my Dad can do the levitating trick!


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and for good measure....

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I remember when ol' Davie released that statement saying he was victim of racism and that people assumed he was black... haha, black magic... and then added a "white" picture of him where he look exactly like the very soulful mocha singer, Craig David.

according to net gossip... it was because some black guys were familiar at a club with him because he was a celebrity of sorts and he assumed they wanted something from him and had a little spazfit, threw up a deck of cards and levitated into a bathroom stall to cry.

he's no mindfreak.


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A real magician would do something like bake him self into a giant sandwich and then feed it to the troops.



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i saw the show last night too, and there were lots of insane tricks.... how on EARTH could he refill that beer can and close it up again? its just crazy...

or how bout the one where he burns his shirt open and there's a tatoo of the audience guy's girlfriend in JAPAN!?!?!?!? wtf.
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All the people in his tricks are paid to act like normal people and look suprised. Its all staged and everyone their live is in on it. Google his name with 'fake' and you'll find lots of info.