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wtf is this and how does it happen!?!?!?


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so far i've only been on tribe and the link for that music video e-spot posted in mr. furious' thread.

tribe has had many pop up windows lately, and there were no pop ups with that music video, so i think its due to tribe.

well i just opened a new window and this appeared under my link's bar in IE
where did it come from!? it wasnt there 10 minutes ago.
how do i get rid of it??

where are the computer geeks!? hackers!? someone!

this infuriates me, i hate how these littlew programs get installed automatically and are sooo hard to find and delete.



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I have no idea which link made it appear, but I had happen to me a while ago too.

To get rid of it just click on View in your IE and select Toolbars, there should be a checkmark next to an empty space/something that is not labled. Just uncheck this checkmark and it should disappear.

E-spot aka Joanna


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i dont want it to simply dissapear though. i want it gone!

does this have anything to do with spyware?
does it also install things behind your back?

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^^^WOW and I just thought you just wasted all your time on Vidman.ca

I don't know where you find all that extra time.

I can't talk much either if I'm not wasting my time on the computer I am fucking around in some other way.

DEJ :)


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haha your tribe link is 'TBK' not 'TRIBE' or 'TRIBE BOARD' :)

for some reason i find that funny.



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