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WTB: Wireless router


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Im looking for a wireless router for me computer. If anyones selling one for a decent price, lay me down a PM:D
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They had deals at furture shop for a free wireless router (after rebates), but Im pretty sure the offer is over...

Might be worth looking tho.

EDIT: My bad, it was best buy, but I dunno if its still on.


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The deal was you buy the router and then mail in a form for a full-rebate. Needless to say, all stores were sold out pretty quickly.

Canada Computers usually has good deals on wireless routers.


$35 - SMC 4-Port Wireless Router (7004VWBR) *after $30 mail-in-rebate

$55 - SMC 2.4GHz 54 Mbps Wireless Router (2804WBR) *after $40 M-I-R
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Originally posted by xtcfreak
what ever you do, stay away from SMC :)


And I fucking sell and install their EliteConnect Enterprise gear.
My company may be taking them to court for $28000 worth of damages from bad equipment.