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WTB: Telus Phone


TRIBE Member
Anyone selling a recently used phone (flip) that works on the Telus network? I need soemthing to carry me over until I figure out a way to get the Samsung i700 at cost.

My v60 has crapped out on me and Telus wants to credit my account only $75.

I need options damn it!


TRIBE Promoter
if you ever get one of those samsungs at cost...get me in on that action. I can't stand the telus phone I got right now.


Well-Known TRIBEr
I'm with Telus and also in need of a new phone... everything they have now is shit though.

If only i didn't want to keep my # so badly... I'd switch in a second.


Well-Known TRIBEr
someon told me that if you call Telus and really put up a fuss you can score aphone for free or almost nothing... anyone else tried this?
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