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WTB: Snowboard

DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
So I have a Blue Mountain season's pass, and I'm buying boots from Kenny (if he still has them :p), so now all I need is a snowboard and some bindings.

I am an extreme newbie (been half a dozen times, only made it down once without falling) so I don't need anything good... just cheap cheap cheap!

I'm about 5'10" if that makes a difference.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?



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I suggest a "Mogel Monster" for you Rob.

It may be plastic and the edges are round...however it will toughen you up regardless... Visit your local CanadianTire

Zgg' :D


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Check out Sports Mart Rob

I got my board and bindings for $189 tax in
And its not those foam core cheapo ones either