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WTB: Pentium III cpus for cluster computing project


Wanting to buy some Pentium III cpus for Clustering Project.
Only looking for cpu above 800Mhz 133 Front side Bus.
The faster and cheaper the better.

Also looking for well priced ECC SD-RAM

Any help is greatly appreciated.

please send me an e-mail at dietrich.heese.boutin@utoronto.ca
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fast p3's aren't cheap b/c they're pretty rare and not terribly underpowered for certain apps (like my slackware box)


Just looking for cheap used cpus.

Hopefully someone has a few PIII's over 800Mhz that they can sell to me for a reasonable price.
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PIII Chips

I have an old PIII 1 Ghz system that is currently being replaced. When I get my new system (Hopefully in the next week or 2), I can sell you my PIII. When do you need this stuff by?


not in a rush to get the cpus, but I'm some of the prices are really ridiculous.

Just looking for old slot 1 cpus. Very important that they're slot 1.


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Well I dont have slot 1 CPU's.. but I do have:

p3 733Mhz @ 133Mhz Socket 370
p3 1Ghz @ 133Mhz Socket 370

PM me if interested.