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WTB: Japanese/Chinese Screen


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I'm looking for a standing screen to use as a room divider. I've only been able to find one at Pier1, and it costs just over $200.

I'm looking more in the range of $50-$100, either used or new.

I checked the Ikea website, but couldn't find one there either.

Any suggestions?
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Destro Sanchez

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hmmmmm, did you try chinatown? ;)

go to one of those 'import' stores on dundas or spadina, where they sell the beads for the doors, those ceramic statues of old men fishing, hand carved wood buddha's and most likely those screens.


(forget the knockoff round eye crap at Ikea, go for the real deal Holyfield)

(plus you can haggle with the price)


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There was a place in chinatown (north of dundas, on the west side of spadina) that was going out of business awhile ago. They had a chinese screen that I wanted - $75. Dirt cheap, and the quality was pretty good too. Had a nice chinese pattern on it. I know this doesn't help, but you might want to see if the big bankrupt sign is still up on this store.




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Thanks for the suggestions!

I had little hope that I'd get any help with this, but I've got a good idea where to start now.
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come down to my area in Leslievile - all those antique shops on Queen East between Pape and Greenwood. Buy an old one and insert Japanese paper into it from the Japanese paper store (on Queen West by Walnut)

Better than Ikea


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i just bought a really nice one in china town
on spadina north of dundas

tap phong trading co


they have about 5-6 of them ranging in price from $99 to $200


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today (sun/jan/4th) i saw some in china town screens on sale for $60.00 right i think the store was north of nassu street on spadina near the Ho KIng Restraunt (btw never eat there, dirty fuken place)