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WTB: Decent dj setup


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I am looking for some decent tables and a good mixer for myself (its my v-day gift from the wifey so not alot of $$$) Purely for my own messing around making mini discs etc.
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2 x MKII's: Mint condition, save one, which has a burnt out bulb. Otherwise like new. Comes with dust covers, headshells (stanton), slipmats and original boxes. Approx. 3-4 years old.

Stanton Trackmaster II (Matched Pair) : Needles in mint condition, but will likely need stylus replacement after 100 or so hours of play.

Price: $1150 firm

Also have 25-30 house tracks for sale (not filler) and 50+ DnB tunes.


Phat Trick

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or you can buy mine:

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Originally posted by Astroboy
or my like new 1200 m3d's for $1200!


thanks for all the offers but like i said money is an object ;) the wifey is footin the bill on this (while we are buyin a house)


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i have a pair of stanton str 60's euro edtions and a citronic cdm1 mixer... but this setup is far from decent lol

get some technics off of one of the guys selling here :)