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WOW - Woman kills her husband and self while parking vehicle....... -_-

glych t.anomaly

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Woman kills husband and herself while trying to park her car | The Sun |News

A WOMAN driver killed her husband and crushed herself to death while attempting to park her car.
The accident happened as the recently-qualified driver tried to reverse her Lexus SUV into a space in an underground car park in Fenghua, China.
The 41-year-old woman had only passed her driving test five weeks before and was practising reverse-parking, helped by her husband - who was guiding her into the tight spot.
But instead of easing into the space, she backed in too quickly - pinning her spouse against a wall.
After hearing his screams, tried to free him by accelerating, while she leaned out of her window.
But she had forgotten to change out of reverse gear - and crushed him and her own head against the concrete partition.
The alarm was raised by the couple's six-year-old daughter who was in the car at the time and witnessed the double-tragedy.
But ambulance crew members declared the couple dead at the scene.


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problem is in china it isn't a stereotype. I almost got killed oh about 18,000,000 in one day while in a taxi.
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glych t.anomaly

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the pillars that are on the sides of the parking spot, are quite close when saving space.

as she was backing up, she had her head out the window, was too close and gunned it, she didnt slow down, so was crushing her husband while hitting her head and pinning it against the wall barrier.
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