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Would it bother you if....


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You went and seen your favorite DJ play and only used CD’s ?

As we all know there are many different types of formats in which DJ’s are using to play music. (ie: Vinyl, CDR’s, Final Scratch, etc…)

So if you go out to a party, does it matter to you or are you always aware of what format the DJ is using ? Or you simply go out to hear good music and don’t care what the DJ is using, just as long as it’s good ?

I’m not trying to open up a can of worms, but I had a coversation with some peeps regarding this and was just curious what people think about it.

thanks :)

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personally I prefer vinyl but if the music is good and I'm vibing, the format it's in shouldn't really matter.

for the travelling dj, cds/final scratch is a much easier thing to travel with. instead of two big bags of bulky, heavy records, you can bring one book of cd's and a small bag of records.

the sound of vinyl is much nicer though.


el Guapo

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doesn't make a difference. the dj can either hold it down or not. the past 4 times I've seen Louie Vega play he's killed it using strictly cdr's.......

screw the purist's mentality. get with the tigga technology ;)


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Half the time I can't see the dj anyway, so what does it matter? As long as the tracks he/she is throwing down is good, that's all I'm concerned about. Unless the dj is a scratch dj, I'm all for whatever.




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I don't care what they DJ uses... as long as he knows how to use it and it sounds good....

Also don't use too much shit... I remeber seeing a dj using the tables, cds and final scratch... it was just too much crap to deal with for him and his mixing was seriously getting shitty
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Stephen Tremor

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I would really like to see vinyl being played but I have no problem with cdr and other devices being incorporated... Not really down with a performance with just cdr's though.


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Who cares what format he's playing, its whats coming out of the speakers.

"The message is the medium" ;)

Bloom! Productions

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i will have to agree that the format really doesn't matter. as long as the music is good and flowing. with that being said, i'd say that vinyl is the best medium to be mixing with.