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Worst tattoo ever

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glych t.anomaly

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him and the guy with the tattoo of a hammer on his bicep suck more than anything.



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R4V4G3D_SKU11S said:

For 200 bucks American. What a dolt.

c'mon Kev, Buddy looks as if he may have never gotten laid in his life. At least with the 200 bones he could buy a hooker for the night.
Its all in the perspective.



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I'm all for not judging tattoos as they are (usually) very personal.

But that is absolutely retarded, If I was the artsit, I would not have done that tattoo.
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My thoughts exactly, that could of been summed up in ooh, 3 photos.

1 before
1 during
1 final product

or hell, just the final product
or, just none at all and just a message saying "Hey, I'm a moron"

Now, if he had gotten something like, $50,000 for doing this - then hell, I'd do it to - take the $50,000, keep the tattoo on for a year or two, then get it removed/covered up :p

But, for 200? stupid.


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i take offense at you taking offense kevin... obviously this is personal for him... he's a shill! he's shilling! how could it be any more personal?
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Krzysiu said:
how could it be any more personal?

if he went to golden palace, lost a load of cash,then spent the remainder of his fortune getting the word 'sucks' below his existing tattoo.
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wayne bradbury

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The worst tattoo my friend did when he worked in a shop in Kingston. During the slow season out of boredom he drew up some flash as a joke to hang on the wall. It had a big ass nasty looking cock on it with the words "I love cock" below it on a banner. My friend also included a note to it saying the tattoo would be done for free to anyone requesting it, thinking nobody in their right mind would want that. One day a girl came in and said she wanted it. He explained it was a joke and tried to talk her out of it, but determined to get a free tattoo she made him tattoo it on her lower back. He still has a photo of it when he finished it on her.
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