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Worst. Day. Ever.


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Well, I guess not EVER, but in recent history, yes.

I'm supposed to move into my new home tomorrow, but two of the four people backed out, so we're kinda fucked. We can afford the house if we have just one more person, but the two of us can't cover a four person rent.

So, I'm packing now (packing is really a shitty job) to move into a house tomorrow, that I will potentially have to move back out of on May first. Shitty.


Then you'll be able to find me in a sweet sweet cardboard box on the corner of College and Bathurst.

I don't even like cardboard.

:mad: L. :(


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That's terrible :(

I feel your pain...finding a place and people you want to live with is just getting harder and harder...doesn't need to be even harder with that kind of stuff. I don't understand how someone wouldn't know whether they could move in or not until the day before... I'd disown them!


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They were both "100% sure" too.

Haha, right.

I should have known. They're both in my set of best friends, so I know them pretty well...I should have remembered that they're both two of the most unreliable/talk-out-of-their-asses types of people.

Do you happen to know where I could find a nice spacious cardboard box? Recycled and recyclable, if possible?
God I'm picky....:rolleyes:


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all I can say is you'd be surprised how many people are looking last minute or need a place asap...so if the place is pretty nice, maybe you can find a roommate(s) for it...


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but how can I find someone in three days?
stand on the street corner and yell?

sorry, you're probably right.

I'm just in that freak out stage, right after you hear shit like this.
and I am FREAKIN OUT!!!
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but i guess that would be immediate huh??
well maybe you find people for summer and will have a space open for sept.??


*sigh* wishful thinking

p[l]a+0 <--will be joining you and your cardboard box


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Sorry to hear about your problems. Someone said you'd be surprised how many people are looking for a place at the last minute - I'm sure you'll be able to find someone to move in, in a short while. If worst comes to worst, you'll have him/her move in in a couple weeks, and you'll have to eat up the 2 weeks lost with your roomate...why don't you consider posting in the buy/sell forum to see if anyone's interested??

Just a thought...




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photo copy ads and post them all over your school
put ads in the local college / university housing centre

WANTED: roomate
-cheap rent
-move in asap

if you're rent is cheap enough, you'll get someone

it just means you'll have to cough up a bit more to cover their rent cut

but it's worth it if it means keeping the house

the tell them the situation after they have signed a lease and moved in .. that you want to even out the rents