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Worst Album Covers


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which one is him???

she looks dismayed...

It's PAT!!

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Ditto Much

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The Top 15 Rejected Album Titles

15> Courtney Love -- "My Sunday School Favorites"

14> Green Day -- "Hey! We Learned a Fourth Chord!"

13> Paul Simon -- "Still Breathing After All These Years"

12> Jimmy Buffett -- "Tired of Selling Driftwood Art to Tourists"

11> The Doobie Brothers -- "What Once Were Vices Now Land Us at
Betty Ford for a Month"

10> The Beatles -- "1... More Royalty Check"

9> The Who -- "Forget That 'Hope I Die' Thing, We Were Young
and Stupid"

8> Tupac Shakur -- "Blood from a Turnip: Yet Even More Crap I
Didn't Think Was Worth Releasing When I Was Alive, Volume 27"

7> Cranberries -- "Excessive Consumption May Cause Painful

6> Jennifer Lopez -- "Bet You're Not Looking at My Butt Any More"

5> Lynyrd Skynyrd -- "Actually, Most of Us Have Been Dead
for Years"

4> Britney Spears -- "They Can't Call You a Pedophile Now That
I'm 18!"

3> Metallica -- "Don't Even Think About It, You Pimple-Faced,
Napstering Punk! Hey! Come Back Here With Our Songs!"

2> Michael Jackson -- "The White Album"

and Topfive.com's Number 1 Rejected Album Title...

1> Yes -- "Oh, God... Yes! Yes!! YES!!!"
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Evil Dynovac

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If I had to... I mean like pick one or die?

*hangs head in shame*

Tootsie... Yeah, yeah I know she's a guy.

I stand by my decision.