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Worldwide Short Film Fest

Cannabis Seed Wedding Bands


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I was browsing through the schedule today, and I have absolutely no idea which selection of films to pick.

Although this one sounds particularly strange ...

Kind of a Blur
When two ravers wake up after an all-night mountain party neither can remember, a mix-up with a cow sparks a romantic quandary for one embarrassed lover. Co-starring Canadian actress Sandra Oh (Golden Globe® winning star of Grey's Anatomy).


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I ended up seeing the "Pop Goes the World" (Internatioal 4) programme last night. I really enjoyed it. The highlight, for me at least, was Heavy Metal Jr.

Heavy Metal Jr
With an average age of 10, "Hatred" may be the youngest heavy metal band in Scotland, but they've got adult-sized ambitions. This hilarious documentary chronicles their shambolic scramble to the stage for their first gig. With just two weeks to go, all they need is a bass player, a set of original songs and a clue.
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