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Worldwide Festival 2010, Sete France

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by deevah, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    I'm going to start by saying that this was something cosmic and probably the best festival I've ever had the pleasure of attending.

    Kismet that as I'm writing this, Gilles is announcing that he's coming to Canada on the BBC show right now. There will be shows with the Havana Cultura in both Toronto and Montreal. I'm probably stealing somebody's thunder here but TO will be on Aug 21st @ The Great Hall. Montreal is on the 14th and apologies for not getting the venue.

    I'll blab more later but it was so epic that I feel I should charge Tribe a fee for the review - payment derived from the number of words. :D

    Patience children, let me get myself sorted first and then I'll get back to talking about Mala, Foreign Beggars, Quantic, Hypnotic Brass, Gaslamp Killer and some folks by the name of Norman Jay and Laurent Garnier.
  2. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo...I'll be out west then. sonofa!

    p.s. nice review, glad you did 'er up :)
  3. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    Alas I will be out of town on the 21st :(

    More details on your great time please!
  4. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    The setting:

    Small idyllic beach town in the south of France, on the Mediterranean. Pretty pastels with an aged patina imposed by the sea air, boats line the canals along with swimming children. Lots of lobster, fish, mussels, sea snails and french tourists. 3 venues over the course 4 days of festivities. The festival got about 2500 folks this year which is just about the perfect size. Same bar staff and catering throughout all the venues. Food was decent for festival grub - paella, seafood tarts, deep fried calamari, sammiches...better than burgers & corndogs. All sound was Funktion One (ya really). The demographic of the goers are mostly euros but not with the trash that Sonar attracts. Definitely older and music fiends. Lots of heads who knew their shit so part of the excitement for me was to talk tunes. Mostly french, english and dutch contingent.

    Started with a free street party (I suppose that's actually 4 venues) which we missed - Dorian Concept, Half Seas Over, GP vs Koko played. Should have been a good one but we got into town late.


    Down at the pier, GP out in the crowd greeting folks as they wander in with Lefto providing the soundtrack. Bad start - Gil Scott's band made it, but not him. Rumours were he was not allowed into the country. Yikes! But the show must go on. Lefto is a young Belgian (I think) - good selection of tunes. Gil Scott's band played to a disappointed crowd but still captivated and set off the crowd with their Gil-less version of the Bottle - which would be the tribute song to GSH for the rest of the festival.

    Foreign Beggars - DJ Nonames provided some siiiiick beats with MCs Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis. Loud, London-in-yo-face, hip hop with some dubby dubby fierceness. Had the crowd jumping. Nonames dropped some dubstep at the end and some jungle - it was very clear the audience had a panache for this flavour and whenever the festival needed a shot in the vein, any of the acts would serve up some of these beats. They remember Toronto fondly, and also recall it's been a minute since they've been here.

    Mala - highlight of the evening for me personally. Legendary DMZ, mystikz crew. Dropped some of his new tunes. Not even going to try to trainspot. Grimey like the ground was getting. Spent most of his set with "O" face. MC Dynamite chiming in.

    Floating Points & Fatima - Fatima's got a great flow and such a lyrical voice. Floating points had a little spread from house to old skool jungle. Fun little set.

    GP - was probably a stress bucket at this point over the GSH no show, and word that Joy Orbison AND Flying Lotus didn't make it in either. Joy missed his ferry (word is he doesn't fly) and FlyLo was sick. No wonder he started with the "sorry i lost you" tune he's been playing (can't remember the real name right now desole). As always, a trip of a set although harder than I have ever heard him. Redemption as Laurent Garnier announced as replacement for FlyLo. SAY WHAT?!?!? Ya, I'll take that.

    Felt bad for the couple that came in the Barcelona just to see GSH but sh!t happens. I don't think there was a single soul there that wasn't gutted.

    Not bad of a warm up for the first day. Note to self - do not wear sandals to this venue ever again, but at least kept myself from burning out too early.

    Vid highlights of Day 1 (courtesy of the WF folks)


    Venue #2 - a pleasant spot along the strip of beach outside a dumbfuck restaurant (don't get me started). It's like paradise. Sun, sand, tunes, tits. I wanted to stay there forever. I'm pretty sure Lefto got on the decks again and the crowd was clearly impressed. Everything was live on redbull radio so I'm sure if you're industrious enough, you can find it. Tunes covered a wide gamut - salsa (and other latin forms), dubstep, soul, funk, hip hop...you know...like worldwide baby. Didn't want to leave but they wrapped up at 6pm to make sure we all head over to...


    The space is breathtaking - a stone built open-air amphitheatre where the stage backdrop is the sea. Bloody slow service at our dinner and a detour on the bus (for future reference, there is a free shuttle which gets you there much quicker) means we missed Havana Cultura. At least I'll catch them on their tour here. Rhythmo de Cotonou were great - afro jazzy. Bassist and guitarist were the epitome of cool. Even during their encore where it started to downpour, stage hands rushing to the stage with tarps and foil blankets to cover the equipment and musicians, those 2 doods barely flinched.

    Time to go home for a hot shower and a change.


    Missed Theophilus but if you've heard his stuff, he would've been a good act to catch.

    Walked into a stunned audience with a racket that was GLK + Gonjasufi. Wild trashings to andante tempos off an iPad with Yoko Ono (the heroin years) style wailings. WTF? Not the GLK I was expecting to hear. If there were rotten tomatoes, the crowd would've gone Bunol on these artists. Lots of head scratching and lack of danceable tunes which dragged endlessly despite reassurances of "last tune"...crowd was responding with a chorus of boos. If you've heard the Stones Throw podcasts of GLK (live @ hella and with Heliocentrics), it was definitely NOT that. It was like the anti-matter to that.

    Saved by LG. OH LG - so special to me! He's easily in my Top10 of all time and he's back to DJing now after taking a break to finish his album and recoup from some hearing issues. Went from tech to house to disco to dubstep to dnb back to tech in the span of 1.5 hrs. Bonkers. It's been probably about 4 yrs since he was here last but he promises to be back soon. Probably stealing someone else thunder but fuckit, he said he'd be here in Jan.

    Vid of Day 2

    To be continued...
  5. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member


    Beach, sun, water, drinks, puffs, tunes - repeat. I could do this all day everyday. Ladybugz had an extremely fun set - major tunage. Had the dancefloor packed. The finished with the full 12 min version of Stone Roses Ressurection. That takes some balls.


    The Brass are always a fun bunch of boys - we get this party started, you keep this party jumping. It was HOT and by the end of the performance, pretty much all the boys lost their shirts. Great energy on stage, taking props from the audience, always a fun show to watch. Always thought they were from NYC but they're actually from Chicago. Lost some respect when 1 band member thief'd a drink from my gf, like he was entitled to it. Raised by wolves? Don't take a drink from a hot and fine lady without replacing it with at least 2 more. Tsk tsk tsk.

    Quantic & CB - so much to say about Quantic and the band. Quantic lived predominantly in Colombia now and the Combo Barbaro is comprised of 7-8 latin musicians from various latin americans. Quantic on the guitar and accordian. Crazy percussions. Were told the electric upright bass (when he had the Soul Orchestra, they used one of these too) didn't fare well in transit and the organizers spent the day putting humpty dumpty back together again. Legendary Alfredito Valdez on the keys - if you've listened or danced to an old salsa record, you've probably heard this man's stylings. Pure latin heat.


    Missed both Jeremy Boon and Kyle Hall (he, luciano, tom middleton and beyer...on my wanted list for 2010). Boon is of Le Zouk Singapore fame. My travel companion was mistaken for him several times during the festival. All rook same BS...well, actually, with sunglasses on, ya, I can maaaaaaybe see the similarity.

    dOP - Showmanship and stage presence > musicality. The only thing I really remember from this performance is the vocalist taking a couple girls on stage, singing a sexy tune and stripping everything off. EVERYTHING. Dangly dong and white buns. My eyes burned even while watching from the back. That and him asking the audience at one point to sit on the ground.

    <rant> WTF, I don't think those grounds were cleaned at all for the entire 3 days as the petit mont of garbage we had created to cover a puddle of spilled beer a couple days ago still remained there. Gross. The entire place was stinking like rotting beer, trash cans constantly overflowing. Dirty filthy nasty. No respect for the dance space, ankle deep in trash AND YOU WANT ME TO SIT IN IT?? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! *adjusts tiara* I don't even want the gum stuck on the bottom of my kicks to touch the ground. Clean that shit up. </rant>

    I'm pretty sure they heard my boisterous protests from the back to the stage.

    John Wink - meh. Completely what I expected, monotone tech house for an hour, switched up to something with a broken beat for the last 15 min.

    Day 4 All-Day Closing Beach Party to come...
  6. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    Fantastic reviews, thanks!
    Day 3 sounds amazing minus Josh Wink and les ordures of course - ah ces francais, quels cochons!!
  7. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    This is well beyond tl;dr so I'm going to wrap up:


    Tunes on the beach from noon - 4am, Mother Nature cooperated - really, is there a better life? Some technical difficulties with the huge screens they had put up for viewing of the World Cup finals - the 60 doods dressed in orange were going to riot as they couldn't pick up the feed signal. Finally got it working by streaming it from a laptop.

    Not going to review all the acts, just some of the highlights:

    Jeremy Ellis - first time hearing/seeing him. Live PA with pads, samples from the laptop and keys with Jeremy on some vocals. Pushing out crazy beats on the fly with jazzy keys. Diced up some James Brown. He's not too much of a vocalist but got a good sense of where he was headed. Great PA, I'd check him out again. Even Gilles & Norman Jay were bopping along.

    Son of Kick - hard driving dubby remixes of pop tunes including Sting. Fun but would like to hear some more original creations.

    Norman Jay - the legend. Played a couple sets of Music without Prejudice - musical dots from all over. The grand-daddy-o.

    Laurent Garnier vs Norman Jay vs GP to wrap up the last probably 4 hours of the night. Mostly dominated by LG which is fine by me. Seemed like GP was at a loss of what to play but the tunes he dropped were absolute bombs including Cee-lo's (to be released) - I want you and K'Naan's Amerykah. LG was having an immense amount of fun behind the decks.

    I may have not danced with the devil by the pale moon light, but can now say that I have danced with Batman. Dood in full Bat gear incl utility belt on the beach (he was selling LED stuff) who took an affinity to my gf and I. He gave us some ravey sunglasses as we danced, all the guys we were with ended up picking up a pair as well as some other envious party goers. The Moroccan made made off with mine and disappeared. PUNK!

    The crew and I are awaiting the announcement of next year's dates, we've all said we'd be back. I think this might be on the annual circuit - I'd take this festival over WMC any day. Loved the format with the changes of sound and venues - no need for replication when there's only 1 stage going on at any given point or time sharing between acts. Have absolute faith in GP & crew's choice of acts. Even the little things like providing ear plugs to everyone for the immense sound they were pushing out made for good party vibe. Can't say I agreed with soundboy's choice of levels (beach sounded better than Mole) but understand the difficulty in finding proper middle ground with the variety of acts of DJ sets and live acts. Only suggestion would be to hire a couple guys responsible for clean up as the festival goers were a bunch of cochons. Stop throwing your litter on the beach! That's just uncivilised - needs a touch of Promise's Cherry Beach tree-hugger attitude. The patrons weren't even that eff'd up to not know better. And since the beach parties were free, you could bring your own food/booze. Transportation around the town was very convenient and affordable by public bus (€1 per ride) but I think we'll rent some bicycles next time.

    Overall just a stellar event and much appreciation and kudos to all the organizers. Hope to see more of a North American contingent there next year. I need some help in representing!

    If you've read this entire novel of a review, thanks to you too for having an attention span longer than a goldfish.


  8. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    Je blame tous les euros, non seulement les francais *elitiste visage*

    in Josh's defense, he did drop this-

    sikness i think this could be an insane cross-over track
  9. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    Heavyweight reviews :)

    I'm guessing that the Gaslamp Killer and Gonja sufi gig was a live p.a.?
    I think Gaslamp produced his album.
  10. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    thx bud

    yup, twas a live show

    did you go to GLK's show here? Didn't see a review and I missed it - timing was off that eve. Was definitely on my To-Do list. Shame, I really dug those podcasts.
  11. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    1. Loved Jeremy Ellis when I saw him here at Toibar; what a great one-man show!

    2. I'll go with you next year :)

    PS. Thanks for taking the time to post all that :)
  12. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    Nah, I unfortunately missed it. I wish it hadn't been during the week. He's a DJ i'd love to see.

    I've heard quite Gonja Sufi stuff and really couldn't imagine it transferring beyond headphone listening.
  13. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    yay! Then I'll be in the company of a reliable french resource. :D
  14. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    this sounds like the kind of thing i'd be in for too

    thanks for the review, i'll be watching the website this fall for dates
  15. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    it's usually around july 4th...from the thurs to sun

    i think this yr may have been specially timed with the finals of the world cup
  16. Big Cheese

    Big Cheese TRIBE Member

    respect for the review. top to bottom tha straight goods lady.

    i'm like 80% positive i'm gonna make this my vay-cay next year.

    how big of a hole did it burn in her purse getting out there and doing it comfortably, all in wise? like €2500 'ish +/-?
  17. Big Cheese

    Big Cheese TRIBE Member

  18. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    Tis now a 33% chance that I'll be staying in T.O. for my late August program...and with that, checking out GP @ the great hall.

    *crosses fingers*
  19. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    Thx M. de Grand Fromage. :D

    Much less that that for the trip:

    Flight - I took the more $$ flight on AC b/c I needed the segments/miles. Air Transat flies to Paris as well which my companion took for $1200. Check specials, we booked kinda late. You can fly into Paris and train to Sete or take Air France into Montpellier - that's a €250 return flight + a short train into town. You can also fly Gatwick, Munich, Amsterdam into Sete.

    Accommodations - you can get a hotel for €50/nite, there are also plenty of vacation rentals however most of the french proprieters are rather stubborn in renting out only from Sat - Sat b/c "that is how we do it" :rolleyes: There's only 1 hostel in town for €15 euros. Lots of beach resort places. Our rental was a little on the $$ side at €750/wk for 2 people (it could've accommodated 4)

    Food & Drink - Restaurants in the area aren't too posh, you can get a prix fix starting from €13 for a 3 course meal. The festival grub was affordable with the most $$ item being the paella for €9 which can really be shared b/tw 2 people. Water throughout the festival was €1, redbull was €4, a mojito was €8 (but you got a free nifty Havana Club straw hat, but no bitters added so it's not a real mojito), mixed drinks were €7 I think. BYOB/F to the beach is my suggestion. Highly recommend giving this cheese a taste (you can get it at any supermarket):


    SO DAMN GOOD :-9

    Festival Pass - we bought the Gold pass for €119 which gets you into all the events throughout the festival. Early birds were cheaper at about €95

    As I mentioned - public bus to get around town is €1 per ride, there's a free shuttle between the beach and the theatre. Renting a motorized bike was €15/d.

    You can do the entire trip for about ~$2k Cdn comfortably. Pack a beach towel.

    That would be awesome if all y'all came next year! TORONTO REPRAHZENT! I'm already getting excited :D
  20. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    i'm rootin' for ya man
  21. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member


  22. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    ahahaha Caprice des Dieux is like training cheese: it's almost like butter and it's what we give to kids to get them ready for eating real cheeses :)
  23. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    LOL I've been trying to get my cheesemonger to get it in
    It is like butter...and I adore butter...which probably explains my affinity for this cheese. All my travel companions are also hooked. :)
  24. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    other big tunes from the festival:



  25. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    I've seen it at Loblaws and down at St. Lawrence of course.

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