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Worlds fastest CPU 500Ghz?!?!


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Switching vs. clocking

First off, what the Georgia Tech/IBM team demonstrated was a transistor that can be switched at 350GHz at room temperature, and 500GHz when cooled to near absolute zero. Now, just because a transistor can switch that fast, it doesn't mean that you could build a processor that is clocked that fast. The transistors that make up, say, a Pentium 4 processor could theoretically be switched much faster the clockspeed of even the fastest Pentium 4 chip; but how fast an individual transistor can be switched and how fast you can clock a complex digital circuit that consists of millions of those transistors communicating in lock-step are two very, very different numbers.

But really, there's no need to even talk about desktop processors here, because the kind of transistor that IBM and GA Tech goosed up to 500GHz is intended for use not in digital circuits but in analog RF devices.