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WorldPride 2014


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Gawk at the large crowds. Get frustrated with the line ups to the beer gardens. Then enjoy sangria at home.

*I may partake in the party featuring "The Village People".


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I fly in on Saturday and plan on taking Elise to the parade on Sunday. Beyond that, I'm not sure. I hadn't paid much attention to what's going on because I didn't think I was going to make it to Canada this summer.
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I didn't realize they'd shut down the street this weekend. The neighbourhood nut cases were out in full force. One very unattractive individual in nothing but a jock was dancing quite lewdly to "It's Raining Men".


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Ooh I didn't know that: thanks! Going to check out a couple of parties on Friday I think (though it won't be the same without Frankie knuckles :( )
It won't be the same, but Hector Romero is doing the Frankie tribute party on Friday at the 519. It will be great fun as per usual, and I'm sure I'll run into you there!

-- Jay aka Fut


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i find it somewhat hard to track down the good parties/event listings, when you Google up lists it's so all over the place, would love to hear other people's picks on good jams
No kidding. Even the pride page doesn't have the parties broken down with which dj's, at least I can't find it.

Guess I'll have to grab a NOW magazine or program.
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I would love to be able to rent a roof top patio one year, I used to always see ppl partying at their balconies. That would be a fun experience. I would make mojitos and have a bucket of sangria ready to go.


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^best bets i think- also from the Pride pages in Now:

De-koze will be at the ROM friday- advance tix sold out.
Electric Circus friday at the Garrison
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here's a free one on Saturday


Event Location: Bud Light South Stage 411 Church Street, Toronto

Celebrating 20 years with The House of Venus. Hosted by: Cotton Venus

Light Fires
Hercules and Love Affair
Betti Forde & #entertainment
Dickey Doo


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So is WorldPride is different than RegularPride in some way?
My understanding is that "Pride" is set up by different cities around the world every year to celebrate equity and diversity, and obviously with a significant focus on LGBT human rights and community celebration.

World Pride is a collective from around the world to do the same thing. I believe the World Pride Human Rights Conference also runs in the host city every year.


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Plan on hittin up Dimitry (among others) but does anybody know if he's playing elsewhere after Sunday night? He sticking around a bit for the Monday or even Canada Day anywhere?
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