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World War Z is out on DVD and it still sucks


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I never saw it in the theatre, but instead read the book which I thought was OK, and then waited for it to come out on DVD. What happened to the rest of the book? The movie deviated so much from it they should have called it something else. Brad Pitt's whiny children, and Palestinians singing a bit too loudly causing the destruction of Israel? WTF. And a lame attempt at leaving the story open - most likely to pave the way for World War Z Part 2! In 3D!

Why does Hollywood have to ruin everything?
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I've had the since book Xmas but still working on this Blade Runner anthology.
Will read it next and then watch WWZ.
thanks for the heads up, I would probably have watched the film first.
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Actually, I found the book to be very good. It was a different take on the whole zombie genre with the approach that if a zombie outbreak did occur, this is likely how it would be. Book is now one of my favourites and read it every year or two.

Now the movie on the other hand has pretty much nothing to do with the book other than the name. This was pretty much well known as everyone knew that they had deviated quite a lot from the book and add the fact that there were problems during filming and that they ended up changing the ending because of it. Movie was eh, ok I guess. Again, a different take on the zombies in that they acted with a swarm/hive mentality vs the shamblers and infected of other movies.

To me, there's no way they could have made that book into a movie. It just doesn't make any sense. It's meant to be more like a mini series. Do an HBO Band of Brothers kind of treatment to it by picking some of the better chapters and you've got something pretty good. Maybe the next time they get around to rebooting it.

When you compare the book to the movie, yeah, it's a real disappointment. But, if you wanted to stay faithful to the original, they'd have to do this as a multi seasoned mini series on something like HBO.

I kind of looked at this as being nothing to really do with the book, sort of like how I watched the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead - think of it as it's own separate entity and don't compare it to the "inspiration", and it becomes a bit more enjoyable.

It still kinda sucks though, even if you look at it by itself.


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I had heard the book and movie were not even close, so I went in with low expectations and I was actually pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the movie on its own. . . Just a nice popcorn zombie flick. . . but a bit more epic in scope. The book is fantastic though.
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I read the book and it was easily one of my most favourite reads i can remember. I also watched the movie and found it very enjoyable. I think my saving grace was the fact that before I watched the movie, I read a review which basically said that you shouldn't go into this expecting the book. Go into it expecting a zombie movie and you will save on the dissapointment. So I did exactly that and ended up really liking the movie. As it's been said here, the only way they could have pulled this off on 'film' would have been a mini series. There was just too much going on at different times in different places in the book to have it come out the least bit watchable as a 2 hr movie. I'm sort of glad they just made their own movie because at least I enjoyed that. I think if they would have tried to rush a book of this size (not talking pages) into the 2 hrs, it would have been 100x worse than the movie. My two cents
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thought the movie was decent too, although I felt the end could have used one more huge battle scene or something epic - the grandeur seemed to trend downward over time, which is usually not a good thing. Gonna grab the book soon

lol DVD
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I thought the movie was okay but felt it could have done with another 30-45-dare I say hour to flesh out more of the story out. It all felt a little too rushed. But that's probably because Pitt ran out of money.

I'm glad I saw it. However, I was expecting way more and am pissed off that I actually bought the movie as early release on iTunes. Should have waited the week and rented it instead.


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I enjoyed the movie, though I watched it with low expectations (I'd heard about all the nonsense of the original third act in 2012) and I think the whole zombie craze is stupid.

The pacing of the action sequences were quite well done, and even the iffy third act was a lot better than I expected, and much better when compared to 28 Days Later (which started this latest thing off in 2002). FWIW, I like 28 Days Later better, at least the first two acts.

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Movie was very entertaining, effects were sick, still totally worth watching.

no fucks given about the book

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