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Workingmen of all countries, unite! -or- Trolling for Amuricans - Round 1


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Okay so maybe the beginning of the title is misleading..

Just recent conversation I had on another message board;

HotSauce Vs. Amurica

*Post Subject: Attention Americans!


(yet another one of my chain letters ;)

We all know that it is a sin for an Islamic male to see any woman other than his wife naked, and that he must commit suicide if he does.

So next Sunday at 4:00 PM Eastern time, all American women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any neighborhood terrorists.

Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this antiterrorist effort. All men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their house to prove they are not terrorists, and to demonstrate that they think it's okay to see nude women other than their wife and to show support for all American women.

And since the Koran also does not approve of alcohol, a cold six-pack at your side is further proof of your antiterrorist sentiment.

The American Government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti terrorist activity.


hahaha that's funny, in a really, really sad way

I woudn't say it's sad, just depraved.

Either way, I think it's rich!

I think this is racist and offensive - not to mention ignorant.

Islam is a religion/faith just like Judaism or Christianity.

The second paragraph in your "joke" equates islam to terrorism, which is untrue. This also propogates the negative stereotypes towards those of Muslim faith or even those whose ancestry may be steeped in regions where Islam is a predominant religion - meaning that many ignorant people look at a "brown" person and thing negatively of them.

How is this any different than enslaving blacks because they are "different"?
How is this any different than the persecution of Jews because they are "different"?

That is not "patriotic" or "funny", it is rude and shows ignorance.

There is no fundamental terrorist religion. Any equation to Islam is unfortunately brought upon by the fact that the act of terrorism that is so fresh in our minds was, sadly, done in the name of "Allah". BUT, this was done by self-proclaimed clerics, and not true 'rulers' of the faith.
These "leaders" prey upon the weak and use religion as an excuse to get people to do their bidding.

I also don't see a difference between that or someone like Pat Robertson calling for the deaths of Supreme Court Judges, or Venezuelan President Chavez. I may be wrong, but I'm sure that would go against the teachings of the bible(which, sadly, has also been invoked by people to further their own selfish causes, mostly involving money and power).


NOTE: I highly encourage all of you who are in school to bring this in to discuss. It is obvious that your teachers are doing a bad job (which I doubt), or you might want to start actually paying attention to what is really happening in the world and not just listening to some mouthpiece.

I'm willing to bet this "joke" was started by a racist organization.

The prevading view in America today of Islamics and terrorism going hand in hand is one so pounded into our culture (by the f***ing media, among other things) that most people would/do not even perceive the error in judgment such a poor joke makes. It's like a bad second nature that people (Americans) unconciously have; they skim right over the racist part because it does not register as racist unless under close scrunity.

umm....you get what you look for. You don't haveta be so serious all the time. Yeah, it was sooo racist i know, but all of us know that its BS. I am not going to go out on the street now and try and kill every islam i see, im not retarded! Actually the reason i laughed was thats all i could do. Some ppl actually do believe this, i think, and you have to laugh, not in "funniness" but in how true and actually sad that it is. come on now, don't bring brains into this discussion ;)

"Don't bring brains into the discussion." Interesting...

Anyway, I said it was funny because it pokes fun at a lousy stereotype. I must be honest, I'm waiting for a "dumb white guy" joke, and I've been waiting for it for years.

The idea behind this kind of humor is that it is supposed to make a person laugh. Is there anything wrong with taking offense? No! That's a perfectly reasonable reaction. I

Besides, I feel as human beings, we are merely trying to rationalize the past. What happened then should stay there. Most of us weren't even involved. (And I point out the Black Slave issue.) If nobody is around to make fun or make light of a joke, what happens with the info?

Will it truly fade away into the annals of history?

Would we actually forget it, dooming ourselves to repeat the mistakes of our past? Believe it or not, there are a few individuals who have a truly grotesque imagination, and they would go so far as to deny actual events ever existed, like the Jewish Holocaust.

I understand you feel insulted by this. I don't blame you. But do keep in mind it was probably just something made out of humor. Hell, for all we know, it's parrt of a Carlos Mencia stand-up routine.

Sure, it's ignorant and base, but nowadays, any joke that isn't PC is considered as such. Please, just take it in stride, and let it go.

it's rascist, but when it comes down to it, isn't everyone?

and i mean, can any of you guys say you haven't ever been racist? in your entire life? i know i have. not on purpose, in fact i quite like people with a different background, it gives us something imteresting to talk about. but i still make rascist jokes, IN FRONT OF THEM. they know i mean nothing because it is only a joke. it is just someone misunderstanding this, they heard it somewhere, and took it seriously, now you lot are fighting over it.
by the way, i really HATE rascists who are real rascists. the stone throwers and the like. jokes are ok as long as they are just jokes

Oh well then... I guess if it wasn't intended to be racist then it's okay.

*rolls eyes*

goldfishman: Just because you don't intend to be racist does not make it okay or justify it when you are. In fact that seems to be the purveying problem with a majority of the posts in this thread.

Why do you think the world hates us? We don't seem to want to take responsibility by understanding that our actions were wrong and by apologizing and trying to right our wrongs. We just seem to try to justify it somehow. That kind of attitude just breeds more ignorance within and animosity towards.

Attn: RivCA:
And I quote... "Would we actually forget it, dooming ourselves to repeat the mistakes of our past?"

What exactly is the difference between ignorance towards Islamics and ignorace towards jews? It was the same kind of indifference, that led to the holocaust in Germany, that seems to be now making it okay for innocent people to be killed overseas.

Along those same lines, do you know roughly how many U.S. soldiers have been killed since the war in Iraq? When you think of the deaths of the soldiers does it make you feel sad? Now when you hear of deaths of innocent women in children in the same war does it really have any emotional effect on you(and believe me that there are more Iraqi noncoms, that is to say civilians, to have been killed then u.s. citizens in this war)?
Truly which is more sad, the deaths of soldiers who I would hope knew that at some point they would likely be called upon to serve their country, or the deaths of innocent civilians who are not trained for combat and who did not ask for a war?

In case you are wondering, the official number of soldiers killed in Iraq since the war started(March 19, 2003) is 2,290. The official number of Iraqi civilians killed in this war is between 28,535 and 32,153 (now please keep in mind that those are official numbers of identified civilians and that some estimates have certainly put the number much higher with conservative estimates starting at just over 50,00 - again that would be innocent civilians).

My point is that I'm willing to bet that most people have deeper feelings about the lower number of dead.

P.S. How many of you reading the above stats just kind of thought "shit happens, it's war" or something along those lines?

ATTN: vintu: No, you do NOT have to laugh. See above for just how that kind of ignorance and inaction is helping.

ATTN: Nemesis: For the most part I agree with you. Yes, you can certainly point a lot of the blame towards the media, but do not consider yourself free of shame just because you know that the reports are biased. What exactly are you doing about it? Or would there just be more of that indifference...
For the record, I can't think of any mainstream news source that is actually equating Islam to terrorism (outside of NPR and Fox that is, but I certainly wouldn't consider them mainstream or credible news services).
Now who could be responsible for that mindset... who is constantly using the words terror, terrorists, and terrorism to justify any actions (read: lies, breaking the law, going to war)? Who exactly is giving our citizens this mindset and why exactly?

Nemesis, the above sentences weren't direct towards you. Having read some of your posts I certainly find you to be a reasonable and open minded individual. I certainly highlight individual in that sentence as well.

ATTN: RivCA: Sorry to be back to you again... I was just thinking about your 'Politically Correct' statement. Stop hiding behind people being too sensitive because something is not politically correct. Oh, and you're an idiot. Did you just take that 'joke' in stride and let it go? Or were you offended?
Please, I beg of you to take some time to think that over and maybe understand why other people may not take certain statements "in stride and let it go".

I read your posting of the statistics. I find it a disappointment that so many American troops died, but I know it to be an atrocity that brings the taste of bile to my lips when I read about innocent noncoms being outrigt murdered in the streets. The media does spin off the facts about Americans doing some of this, but do not forget that Muslim terrorists are also at large. (Please forgive me for using the general term for this. It is a sensitive topic, for certain, but when a man kills his fellow countryman like this, I qualify it as terrorism.)

Given the seriousness of the topic it is now, no, I can't let the joke slide. Had this stuck to being a humor thread, I probably would have. I am insulted b your calling me an idiot, and for insinuating I am a coward.

I understand that in this day and age, there is always someone who will get pissed off. I will take the initiative and apologize for being an ass. Please forgive me if my socail and political views are against the grain of your own, but you also need to look into yourself and ask: "Am I taking this too far?"

I insinuate this question, as you are the first fool to throw a direct insult in what is now a serious thread. I ask that you retract your insults and apologize, as well, for your own folly. You think me to be a heartless and cruel man, when you are the one throwing around an even more heartless joke. Do consider this, I ask you.

God damnit, people. Why do you always turn something into a religious/political debate? Chill the hell out, it's a joke, you friggin prudes

Sorry it got out of hand, Trinexx. I guess a harmless joke turned out to be a lot more harmful than we thought.

but thats whats good about it on here, we can discuss anything, we have the right. if we can't soeak our minds, then we have none of this 'free speech'
hotsauce: if you don't mean to be rascist, but are and everyone knows you aren't, isn't that better than really being rascist?
if i was to make a jewish joke, then yea, some people might laugh. but if i changed it to a man called bob joke, we would laugh, wouldn't we? well, only if it was good. but if you intend to be rascist, then it is a lot worse.
i don't intend to hurt people by what i say, so usually, i will apoligise in advance, then tell it to them IF THEY WANT ME TO. that was important! i only tell the rascist jokes to people if they know i don't mean to offend, and that if someone did mean to offend, then i would stand up to that person, as i have often done, and try to stop them.

this bit is seperate, but i don't mean what i say here...
if you call branding a group of people together 'rascist', and discriminating them, then isn't what you doing rasisct? not my own opion, but something that came up in R.E.
oh, i hate rascism. and pretty much all ism's, but you have to admit, they can be funny if used in the correct way

Jesus, just shut up already. It's a joke, you tards. It's obviously a joke, and if you take it to mean more than that, you're too dumb to be debating about it.

wow stupid people, i dont see why that i or someothers dont give a shit, big deal u dont like racism, then u dont have to be racist, u cant change people, so stop wasting ur time.

And trinexx, props to u LOL wouldnt that be great if it happened?

i still agree with trin. it was a joke, chill.

"big deal u dont like racism, then u dont have to be racist, u cant change people, so stop wasting ur time."

Wow... that's fantastic...

So when Hitler was out killing all those jews, we should have just stayed out of it because after all we couldn't change him... it was a waste of our time? Hmmm....

Or perhaps my time volunteering for darfur genocide, helping to raise awareness of the genocide from the sudanese government killing black sudanese peoples in darfur is a waste of time?

huh... you know what... you're right.. I'm gonna go grab a six pack right now, maybe watch some nascar, the head down to the 7-11 and start harrasing the counter guy because you just know he is going to be a job stealing foreigner and he's likely funneling infomatin to bin laden.

Thank you for opening my eyes with such poignant enlightenment.

I'm sorry for pursuing this topic but I've seen the destruction and hate that can stem from simple indifference towards racism.

HotSauce, you really need to lighten up! I admire your wanting to show us what's wrong, but you're really pushing it over the edge, here.

You're Muslim, right? Well, you aren't the first Muslim I know who holds a grudge this vehemently. No other group, in my observation, holds bitter feelings toward another for as long as this.

So it brings up a very important question: Is Islam a doctrine declaring that all hypocrites, and the crimes they commit, make cause for justice, no matter how long it takes or how brutal it is, as long as a suitable justice is served before a bodily death takes that away? Or is Islam contrary to my observations, and says you should forgive one another for the infractions done against you?

I don't mean to insult the Islam faith, I am merely calling into question what YOU know to be true. I have been wronged by many people, yet I don't harbor my grudges; I don't brutally assault the offender beyond all recourse. I understand the value of forgiveness. The next question I pose is are you willing to let this joke, made ENTIRELY out of good humor, get to you? Or are you going to forgive Trinexx for beating this horse beyond death and hold him in low regard?

Hotsauce, there is a big difference between racial "cleansing" and a few naked women.

Like I said earlier, if you take it to be more than a joke, you shouldn't even be using a computer in the first place, because stuff like this is EVERYWHERE.

It's like watching Comedy Central, and then getting pissy about South Park. You don't like whats on, CHANGE THE DAMN CHANNEL AND QUIT WHINING ABOUT IT. In case you didn't notice, YOU are the only person I see complaining about it. EVER OCCUR TO YOU THAT MAYBE YOU'RE THE ONE WITH THE ISSUES?

Here's what you need to do:

1) Carefully re-read the original post
2) Read all the replies
3) Think about what this could mean


Hey Trinexx, I wasn't talking about the women once.

If you "Carefully re-read" my original and subsequent posts you will see that I had a problem with the racial discrimination in your post.

Going by your logic in the post 2 above this one, i'd agree that there "is a big difference between racial "cleansing" and a few naked women
". However I do find racial discrimination and racial "cleansing" to be very much related.
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