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Working with plastics?


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My love of all things translucent plastic has done nothing but consume all my thoughts and dreams... now I must honour my master and let it consume me completely.

That being said... can anyone suggest places to start/get into working with plastics, places that will do custom work, anything else that might be of use?
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True, but it's a place to start none the less...

Thanks MoFo

and thank you Chubbs for revealing the secret I tried so hard to keep from the public :p
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i finished a visual art fundamentals program last year and we worked with plastics alot.

I made a translucent case for my computer at home...I just bought the plastic from some random industrial plastics place, used my oven to heat and bend the plastics, cold water to solidify them, and at the plastics place, they sell this compund solution that infuses the plastics together permanently

it's REAL easy, good luck!:)