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Working for foreign stakeholders


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Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever) - YouTube

I bitched and whined about my job today about my boss. That's not necessarily a common day event.

me> "You know if we weren't a public company we wouldn't have this shit."
boss> "We're not public."

A little bit stunned, I briefly mentioned SOX and then JSOX and then everything was clear.

me> "We could just shovel those stupid things into the dirt and be done with it. Instead noooo, we have to account for every bit that comes and goes."

This really distresses me as a software kind of person.

At this point a Chinese lady, whose name rhymes with "ping", pipes up and says "We must clear this AR... AP.... interest.... aged inventory..." and I started cluing out.. And if you are listening to the music I pointed above, we can perhaps be on the same level.

I never studied "finance" or "business" in school. I learned what I knew about business the old school way. The way that made my parents and my entire family millionaires without the knowledge of "finance" and "business".. It is very simple:

"Do something valuable: get paid more than it cost you: pay the bills."

Which in nouveau Jap terms would be like

"We have no idea but have credit from the most bankrupt country in the world (look it up, I'm right): hope we get paid for it before we have to do big bows: pay the bills if everything works out otherwise apologize -- we apologize more than often."

I sometimes wonder if the Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ just does some serious bows and says "Thanks for your help but... HEY LOOK HOW MUCH I'M BOWING!"

Maybe Newstyle666 can answer this question.

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Well yes maybe I can offer some insight here.

See, Japan is both one of the most indebted and financially secure G8 nations in the world at the same time. But with a national debt leaps and bounds above any other industrial nation, how is this possible?

Many hedge fund managers have misunderstood this simple concept and lost fortunes over the past few years shorting Japan. It all boils down to this: if you borrow $20,000 from your parents, did you actually borrow any money at all? I mean, unless your parents are complete write-offs, most will tow an interest free line on their own children. Indefinitely.

So yes, the decades of make-work projects for government contractors have paid off in building spider webs of Gardiner Expressways. But see the money borrowed to build all this needless infrastructure is mostly borrowed from its Children (citizens). In a brilliant twist of fate, Japan has escaped from a Greece-like fate.

The bigger issue at play here is that Japan is rapidly losing its domestic manufacturing base. For Canada, that might not be such an issue as we have an abundance of natural resources providing a baseline revenue stream. But see, Japan is different. For one, I live in a medium-sized port city. When I walk to the port or seaside, massive LNG carriers dot the waters importing the most basic of energy needs that Canada has long taken for granted. Given that Natural Gas is nearly 700% higher per mmbtu than Canada (after Ontarios proposed hike too) you can see how critical this value-added manufacturing sector is to Japan.
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Manufacturing is critical to Japan's economy and has been since WWII. Monozukuri etc. But with the shutdown of all their nuclear plants, I'm not quite sure how they (Mr. Abe and his Abenomics in particular) plans to stay competitive manufacturing goods.

And by manufacturing, of course we're not talking about little plastic trinkets like drinking birds and the crap that comes with your kids happy meals. I'm talking automobiles, I'm talking huge machinery like the shit that comes out of Komatsu or Mitsubishi Heavy Industry. These are HUGE consumers of energy, and Japan has none (natural energy).

I'm surprised that Japan doesn't have a burgeoning geothermal energy sector, maybe it does and I just don't know about it. But I suspect it could follow Iceland's model and generate power that way...?

Either way, sadly for the Japanese, whose population is in decline and whose racist tendencies mean no one is really truly going to immigrate there, the Chinese will and have eclipsed them on the global scale.

See Newstyle666, we don't need to be enemies. Let's have a drink one day.