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Work It (woody's birthday)


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First off, happy birthday Woody!!!!

Second...cheers to you and your crew for a great party. An awesome little intimate venue, sweet sweet tunes and great friendly crowd. Plenty of couches! Wicked

Seems you did well on numbers and booze sales to keep the owners placated, so here's hoping you throw another one soon!!!


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Just a short note of thanks to everybody that showed up last night to make this evening such a great sucess. It was great to see Dave, Ambarish and Ritika and to meet Kim and everybody else from the board that was able to make it down. For those of you who couldn't come this time there will definately be another one soon.

Thanks again,



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nice work, bryce.

nice to meet you, woody - i didn't realize it was your birthday - so happy birthday.


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thanks! I think everybody had a good time, a good turnout. Happy birthday woodrow
Looks like we'll be having some more parties very soon!

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did anyone find my bag here?

i might of left it at the venue either that or in a cab..

its black, nike
contents include earphones, some tapes..
ya thats about it

i had fun,
except fo rhtat little ledge in the hall by the washrooms, i kept tripping on it


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Actually yes I was in the club earlier today to pick up some equipment and I noticed a black bag. Send me an email and I can get you the number for the club so you can pick it up.

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