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Woot Woot~ Luke Fair at System.


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Great night once again.

Came in a little bit too late and pretty enhibriated... not drunk but very very merry/happy/tipsy..however many words there is for this type of state..not drunk but very happy.

Anyways, I only caught the end of Matt Coleridge and the it seemed like the guy did well. Everyone was dancing and seemed like they were enjoying his set.

Next up was Luke Fair, who did a terrific job!
Hands down Luke has become a master of the house genre. Hands down!, no questions about it. It seems like everytime I see him he has a different type of sound going on and has the programming of that set mastered. He started his set with very lazy, dubby house and as the night progressed it got a bit more energetic but the tempo was never too fast. I don't know if what he played was the current housey summer sound but it was such a great. I saw him for about two and half hours and his set was very well programmed, his records ranged IMO between deep house and some dubby stuff here and there were also some great remixes! I heard a remix of that underworld track, "you bring light in.. you bring light in!.. to a dark place..." I think it is called two months off Awesome remix!!

This guy has a lot of experience as a dj and it shows, his command of the dancefloor is very good. He is such a great dj.
I am truly sorry I couldn't stay until the end and see him.
Great set by Luke Fair...housey, dubbey with some tech-house influence IMO. very nice.


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But seriously. Rev slushies. Who came up with this idea? Awesome awesome awesome. Totally awesome.

Luke and Matt were *on* last night.



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Thanks to everyone that came out to represent in the VIP room and helped make the first installment of Furious Mix Sessions a success. It's because of the patrons that System Soundbar is so great.

Thanks to the DJ's that all did a phenomenal job.


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After a set like that by Luke, I might as well quit and call it a career. Because I doubt we'll see anything better in that club for a long time to come.

Luke destroyed it. Relentless!


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yes indeed matt...& you played a great set too, so don't be quitting yet...a fun night all around, lots of incredible new tracks...awesome time!!! (& there was only one place to be for an afterparty last night)...respect to everyone...



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I have to say it again:
Great command of the crowd... awesome awesome set.
Dubby and deep set of house.


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That was THE BEST set from Luke I've ever heard! Track after track. I love his prime time sound. Relentless, driving. It was so good to see him back at system killing it for his biggest fans in the world ;) I wish he could play here every week. Fucking bouncers closed the club too early (5:45?).

Man, what a weekend. Simon, you were there ;)


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The cream of the TO crop.

As expected Luke "broughtthebeats" in one of, if not the finest performance of the year at System Soundbar. I knew the programming and mixing would be spot on, though I was a little unsure of how Luke would handle the spotty sound. Of course, like the true professional he has become, it was managed to perfection.

This was the beginning of a legendary residency for System Soundbar and Toronto. However, will someone please be sure the doormen understand this and let the party continue went its on, because on Friday night, Breathe was on!


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Fair was back in town!!!

Great night, good crowd, sweet sweet sweet tunes from both Matt & Luke.... sorry I didn't stay to catch all the goodness.

Yay to Rev slushies!

Boo to having bronchitis in August.



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damn...i should have stopped by. i passed by system on my way to the car after roy davis on friday around 3am or so...



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the crowd was a little sparse which i attributed to two things = digweed across town at lotus and fukhouse the next night but Luke Fair killed it as has been said, i had a phenomenal expereience dancing at four am at which he dropped some sort of trancey track out of nowhere; wasn't overtly trancey, but it was a nice smooth beazt with a wicked syntesier loop over it - timeing and sound was great, just one of those moments when you are there but not there. great time, good time thereafter @c-zone, hate to admit it but i couldnt' finish the night off, wasn't ready.


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I unfortunately couldn't stay for the duration of Luke's set. But what I heard from Matt and Luke was stellar. Hype hype tunes.

Breaks room was rocking, serious damage was done at the bar right before last call. Thank you Stubert!

Betty Rubble

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Luke Fair, is the man! Everytime I hear him.. I am more and more impressed. After one long drive to and back from Montreal, I did not have to worry about finding the energy to dance all night. Luke made that easy to do.

Just when I thought Montreal was great -- he managed to topped that performance on Friday.

Can't wait for the next event.

Whatever the reason for closing the club early.. the management-bouncers -- whoever -- should have looked at the bigger picture..here he was up against Digweed and although the club was not packed.. he had all those in attendance screaming for more.

Fair Fever...


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Originally posted by AGrayson
But seriously. Rev slushies. Who came up with this idea? Awesome awesome awesome. Totally awesome.

Luke and Matt were *on* last night.

Rev slushies say wha'?!?!?!?!?!?


Jeez...the one time I don't go to system and they have Rev in a slush form.

It is now my mission to try one of these puppies.


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Thanks to everyone who made it out despite all the other good events happening on the same evening...it was probably the most fun I've ever had playing in Toronto. Such a good crowd, especially everyone who wouldn't let the security end the party at the end of the night :) ALso Matt and Jerome played wicked sets and made it easy to ride the mood they already set.
Sorry about the lack of flow for the last bit...I thought I had at least an hour and a half left but they came up and said 20 minutes to go so I rushed it a little...

For everyone who asked, the last two encore tracks were SLD - Getting Out and then Swag 'Where I belong' (ewan pearson's mix)...

Thanks again!!!