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wooohooo!! congrats to gerald and michelle!!!


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much much love and congrats to gerald matrix and michelle,
they just gave birth to their 6 pound 9 ounces baby boy today!!!
they are gonna be the most amazing parents..
life is beautiful.


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good on yah G...

i'm sure he will be tearing up you're one's and two's in no time...

if i know you, he will only be aloud to practice with your mankind catalogue :p

again congrats' on the both of yah's

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bet beer is sounding so good to you right now Michelle.
Coolest parents ever I tell ya.......



The Kid

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Congrats so much to the both of you!

Hope you're looking forward to not sleeping for a looong time!


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Thanks Guys!

Just sitting here with Kaiden (pronounced kay-den) - it's an Irish name that has a variety of meanings from 'soft & gentle', 'handsome', and an old Celtic version meaning 'warrior's heart'.

Here's the official stats: Kaiden Peter Sabbadin was born October 20, 2005 @ 2:41 pm, 6 lbs. 9 oz, 46cm.
He came 3 & half weeks early, and everything is going great :)

Thanks again for all the well wishes, they're much appreciated! I'll have to post a pic or two when i get a chance.


G & Michele


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my bosses newborn is named kaiden, my best friends aiden, their neighbors is kaiden so kaiden and aiden play together and now you guys have another aiden laced name, how the hell can I keep track now???
Again so good to hear everything is great thus far.....