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Woohooo! My first summer sunburn!


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Nicely done! I guess that's what whitey gets for studying outdoors :)

Now I'm going back out so see if I can't make myself well done :)

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you know it

i totally fit in the 'i burn in 5 secs' group...

was out at noon for like 15 min and i'm like my neck hurts....

nothing serious yet....

bring on the SPF 30+


lol@big ups to skin cancer....
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jus me

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Orange like this?

Originally posted by vinder
i go orange, and start glowing. then people start liquiding with me. i don't like that.




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Originally posted by The Watcher
I'm 1/3 Native,

How can you be one third of any nationality? 1/4 or 1/2 make sense but a third?

My nose is red after being in the sun all day today.



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I got a little teeny tiny bit of a burn today :eek: MOstly just some colour though :D YAY SPRING!!!!!!
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i break it down mathematically
99.9 is the percentage
like clothes and fine wine the rhyme's are vintage
and the universal will give me strength like spinach