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Wonky USB Issues.

Sleepy Giant

TRIBE Member
I've been having nothign but headaches with usb devices lately.

The first is with my parents computer. I bought a HP All-in-one printer installed it and it worked for a few days and then crapped out. The computer couldn't detect that it was there. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything and it worked for a few more days, before crapping out again. I downloaded a new driver package from the HP website and reinstalled everything and it still can't detect the printer.

The usb cable is fine, I've tested it with other devices. My digicam works fine with the usb ports on the machine.

Yesterday, a friend asked me to see if I could set up their computer on an existing wireless network at home. I went and bought a wireless usb adaptor and installed the driver and software utilites, plugged the usb adaptor into the port. The second I plugged the usb adaptor in windows sent me the snarly, you should disable the device before yanking it out of the machine. The device was still connected to the machine, I didn't remove it from the usb port. The adaptor worked fine in their laptop.

Am I just usb incompetent?
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