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wonk & chicago - trevor wilkes - archive 15


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Bleep #15 archived info

both ends are smooth leaving the middle to contain the noticeable jump in wonk wonk. I seen a guy who was listening to this tap his foot.

[00:00] 01| Humate "The Sound (Cari Lekebusch's Psychological Sound Architecture)" Superstition 2051
[05:30] 02| Jean Vanesse & Fabrice Lig "Follow the Funk (Morgan Reno Mix)" Music Man 059
[09:00] 03| Mark Bernard "Load (Dj Shufflemaster Remix)" Subvoice 17
[14:20] 04| Gene Hunt "Wet Dreams" Hybrid Lp 006
[16:28] 05| Steady Motion "Untitled" Hybrid 1209
[19:20] 06| Lusinda & Mark Hawkins "Be My Victim" Victim 3
[22:54] 07| Carsten Rechenberger & Recall 8 "The Monkey and the Cowboy" Miditonal 5
[26:00] 08| La Monde "Dr. Smith (Dave Tarrida Remix)" Feis 15
[29:25] 09| Lusinda & Mark Hawkins "Save Me" Victim 3
[33:30] 10| Queaver & Versis "Orient Jig" Miditonal 5
[35:38] 11| Cari Lekebusch "Must Fall" Kaun Trax 1
[39:04] 12| Dave Angel "Funk Music" Island Records
[43:06] 13| The Blunted Boy Wonder "A Part, Apart" Music Man Lp 008
[46:05] 14| Chris Sattinger "Butterfly Skull" Synewave 17
[50:32] 15| Chancellor "Woo Woo" Parotic 3
[54:20] 16| Push Pac "Smokin On (PFRM)" Dance mania 164
[57:26] 17| Wyndell Long "The Big Booty People" Peacefrog 50
[61:22] 18| Lusinda & Mark Hawkins "Stop" Victim 3
[64:40] 19| Kikoman "Untitled" Rhumba Muzik 1

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I just line em up

the Artists are on fire. lucky for us.

I've got a pile of about 25 new records sitting here that are crazy. havent even played em yet. can't wait to get the new power supply for my mixer in the mail so I can delve in :)


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"I just line em up"

so bloody humble, so nice.

i know it's the wrong thread, but i also wanna thank you for your mixed tapes archive.


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gave it a listen in the car last night, really interesting/different listen, thanks alot

it's nice to deviate from my standard minimal or bang-bang tastes :)