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Great party Wes!!:cool:

Last night for me was ALL about the acid house in the basement...yes yes Trevor!! You fullfilled the Terry Mullan fix I have needed for so so long!! Those tracks you were playing gave me goose bumps. I still can't get over what I heard last night. You played fav tracks of mine that I haven't heard in so many years. You absolutely rock!! Thank you for the CD you made me!! And I had such a great time hanging out with you...it's been too long!:) I spent most of the night in the basement listening to Trevor, Ian and Monika play...excellent beats going on!!:D I love intimate jams like this. Nice and quaint and so much fun! I left sometime before 3. I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore...so tired!

Also thank you J-Mat for my 2nd copy of your CD!!:)

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Yea man, upstairs was totally wicked too. This was by far my favourite WOMP ever, I thought it was really amazing that the place had barely emptied out by closing. Almost everyone who was there for last call was still around when they kicked us out. Clearly about the music.

Mad props to Wes for setting this shit off, and for an awesome set, J-Mat vs France totally blew me away with the funky jazzed-out flute breaks business at the beginning, and whattagwonica for the awesome electro business downstairs.

Can't wait for the WOMP stage at Om!



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i'm really sorry i missed WOMP again, buddy.
sounds like it was a blast.

i hope i still get a cd :D

The Electrician

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It was a blast... thanks to all who came out... All the Dj's played wicked sets as usual... we missed Funk-N-Style this time around... probably sitting in the sun somewhere... lucky guy... luckily I brought enough records to go back to back with J-mat and Phat COnductor....

it was indeed a wicked night...

Thanks again for making it yet another quality WOMP! Jam!!
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