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WOMP @ The Lab


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Well that turned out pretty good. Full house, awesome crowd, great music, tight vibe, etc. etc. I couldn't stay for long, but I'm glad I showed up.

Sorry to everyone I took pictures of... the "all erase" button on my camera is way too close to the "single erase".

I'd love to see more events like this. Breaks are perfect for small intimate bars and lounges, not big impersonal clubs.


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Hey, if you were the guy with the digital camera I think you got a few shots of me...

Anyway, i had a great night! absolutely fun with a good crowd and great music. I had never seen Marty McFly play before though I have been listening to his tapes for years... and despite the short set times he did not disappoint. None of the DJ's did.

The lab is a great location (OK, I'm biased) and I will definately be there for future events and on Thursday nights.

Angus, it was cool to meet you again neighbour!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Sorry to everyone I took pictures of... the "all erase" button on my camera is way too close to the "single erase".

oops, didn't read your post right, sorry aobut your pictures



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Well I did get a few more done afterwards, but most of the good ones are gone

They will all be up on torontobreaks.com in a day or two.

The Electrician

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Well, THANK-YOU everyone who came out to the party last night. It was a complete success. All the Dj's were awesome and the vibe was definitely on. I want to thank all the Dj's for participating in the free event. Thanks to everyone who brought food donations. We got 5 boxes of food to give to the T.O. food banks, good job

I have already began planning the next party which will definitely be just as wicked as last night was.

Last night was really what it's all about, That's what I'm talking about...

Thanks again,
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I was there for a little bit- however i was soooooo sick, I had to leave. All the sets that i eard sounded great, and a lot of support was shown! Good job wes! Nice seeing everyone out again also! THanx, Louie, Chris and meric for harassing me ALL night!! sheesh!
haha.....all and all, despite the sore sore throat, i had a pretty good time! I missed some ppl. I really wanted to see- grrrrrrrr.

mmmm.......pita pit after was good.

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