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WOMP does 4/20!


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:D Well, I just got back from WOMP at the Lab 'n it was Wicked! I could breeeeeath! Woohooo! So much fun!! There were so many good traks played that made me crazy-dance! Thanx Wes, for another great party! :eek:


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Another successful womp :)
Most of the tribe crew left early and missed some wicked dancers who came up from the basement when upstairs cleared up.

I'll post the pix tomorrow.


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holy fuck i'm still drunk...
good times were had...
thankyou for the many drinks kenny! and the drive home...
it was awesome seeing everyone again..too many names to write at the moment...
one thing i do slightly remember is my sister being way more loaded than i was
-oye back to bed


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Originally posted by Eclipze

one thing i do slightly remember is my sister being way more loaded than i was

Drinking in the sun since 4pm did me in...oye! *shakes fist at Tristan* Those 2 shots with Peanut Butter and Monika topped me off! (and apparently u too Pat *flashback to Pat spraying beer everywhere and all over himself*) ahahaha...too funny :D And if I remember correctly, there was some pants dropping as well!!!

Amazing nite! Nokturnal played a crazy set, but it was Saddler and Decepticon that really got me shakin my booty!!! Wicked tracks guys! :)

~Lori <--------hurtin today
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JUSt woke up.....
what a party....
It was a pleasure to play wit Myagi.
lookin forward to playin again sumtime....
But Overall...
As i was thinkin that was a dope ass party....


DJ Red Lion

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Thank you Wes for a great 4/20 4:20. WOMP is where it's at as far as breaks are concerned in Toronto right now ............ wicked jam!
Lots of great people and incredible selecta's all night long. I have to admit that the days constant bong hits, pipes and spliffs really set me back in the energy department but a great time was still had by all. See ya next time at the Lab!


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more pix here: http://www.airbag.yi.org/pics/parties/womp420@lab-04-20-2002/

The Electrician

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to WOMP lastnight... It was a great turn out and Im glad everyone had a fantastic time....

Thanks to the Dj's for the Tunes... You were all wicked...
(The Recordings didnt work out too well though... sorry fella's, I'll tell ya al,l as you ask)

But the night was a total sucess again... You all really know where the party is at... :)

So keep you eye's and ear's open for word on the next event... it's going to be killer!!!!

So thanks again everyone.... you girls and guys are kick ass!!!!

Cya soon....
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wikkid fun night as always at WOMP! definitly the monthly breakz night for t.o! Started drinking so early and stumbled my way into the lab! EVERYONE was having so much fun! wikkid beatz.........special notes to decepticon b2b with saddler, and funkNstyle b2b with willar! loved the sets. wikkid old trakks from the breakfest days at the elmo! loved it! :D 'im going outta my head' yay! :D

anyways a super fun night indeed! i want to go bak to lastnight:( yet another great job wes! keeping the breakz alive and fun in t.o! See u all at the next womp! wikkid crowds is what makes WOMP so kickass! :)



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I had a great time even though all I could do was stand against the wall and bounce cause I was so tired from smokin way to much herb all day.. at least I did not pass out (Sloth,Chris) :)
let's just say i've got plenty of blackmail pic's from yerterday...seen many TBK but if I tried to communicate with anyone my stoned ass would not have been able to make much sense..Tthe music was awsome, great vibes all around, and it's nice to start seeing familiar faces :)



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^^^^ actually i was quite impressed with the sloth lastnight! :D :D he even made it out after to smoke more continous joints! haha............and i skooled ur ass in mario kart! U SUK!!!!!!!!! haha.........



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ya he took a nice ciesta for a couple hours though, before heading out to womp..funny pics :)

i thought sloth left with chris after womp... :confused:


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Had a great time molesting Kenny, dancing to some funky shit and drinking my ass off for the 6th night in a row.

The place was rammed but still lots of fun.

But I was disappointed that there wasn't different music downstairs.

Thanks for the booze, Kennybear. I was loaded courtesy of you.

Thanks to Timo and Allison for the fun times. Sugar's butt smells mighty fine. Apologies for drunkenly attempting the cuddle puddle with JayIsBored.
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i had a great time!! drunken, stoned goodness!!

nice that the place wasn't overly hot! i was expecting a steam bath!

as usual, the breaks party brings out the drunks!! woohoo!! lots of laughs, especially in the bathroom;)

thanks to wes for a great 420 breaks party!
now on to Vital next weekend!!