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***WOMP does 4:20*** Saturday April 20/2002

Aside from throwing down some newer tunes Willar and Myself will be dropping some of our fav old skool selections. :)

All I have to say is.... "...I'm goin outta my head, I'm goin outta my head..." :D

See everyone tonite!



Please get there as EARLY as possible... I have this feeling that we will be maxing out the capacity of The Lab tonight... I just want YOU to get in with out having to wait for people to leave.... I honestly hope the party goes over really well and that everyone has a dope time...

but I want everyone to get in... so please come early to avoid any dissapointments....

I'll see ya there... Have a HUGE BLAST TONIGHT!!!

The Patio is still open... We got some new heaters for the patio so it wont be cold at all...

:) HAPPY 4:20 Y'ALL!!!! :)

Sorry R 2 Your Cut Off

Originally posted by artoodeetoo
I can't believe you're actually going to cut it Don.

I couldn't go through with it .................. 4/20 4:20 Celebration plus Saturday Playoff Sports kept me out of the barbershop today but it's happening soon trust me!
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Just wanted to say good work Wes....

I had a blast...saw a bunch of peeps I haven't seen in awhile and it was alot of fun with great music...

Jules :)
good times....good times

thanks for the great night last night everyone....i had an awesome time.
particular props to g-fresh on a wicked set.....im gonna post it on my site in realmedia format in a couple days for anyone who wasn't there, you poor poor people...
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upload them to a site like purerave or something. then copy that url.....then type in..........[ IMG ] url [ / IMG ] (but without spaces in the whole thing)

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heres the set from the start of the night, myself and Dave (G-Fresh) playing a pretty housey breaks set....its 55 mins long, which isnt the entire thing, and there are some skips thanks to the minidisc recorder....but oh well, its still a good set.