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**WOMP 2** @ The Lab - Saturday Jan 19th Be there or be Square!!! ;)

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
Okay People, here's the next installment of WOMP. The first one was such a success that I had to get another one up an runnin'. so here ya go!!!

Here's the line up...
10:00-11:15 G-Fresh vs. Funk-N-Style
11:15-12:30 Meric vs. Willar X
12:30-1:45 Decepticon vs. Switch
1:45-3:00 Dave Saddler vs. The Electrician
3:00-??? The Phat Conductor vs. Phat Trick

19+ Cover is $5 all night...
Party is at The Labyrinth Lounge
298 Brunswick @ Bloor (just south) Spadina/Bathurst area
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


TRIBE Member
G-Fresh playin breaks!?!?!

all purpose dj



TRIBE Promoter
Yes Jonnie that i am....
maybe we can alter roles.. ill give you my vynil.... lol..
ill take yours'.. sounds good....


The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
Hey there, G-Fresh... you gots enough breaks to last... no need to get Jonnies...

Hey Dave... Maybe I can lend ya all my Freskanova record for the night... eh?

hehe... j/k Jon...

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TRIBE Member
WooP WooP!! maybe ths time I'll actually be feelin' better to stay longer than an hour at most!! damn mono/strep throat whatever the hell i had.

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