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Womp! 14


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Man, what a wicked night. I had a blast and so did everyone else I talked to. Lots of old friends and some new ones too, much shenanigans and stellar sets from all involved. The quality of our local talent just keeps getting better and better.

Big sets f rom everyone that night. Wes rocked it hard as always, J-Mat really impressed me with wicked track selection, tight mixing, and awesome vibes. Kristan S was slick with lots of funky nuschool party jams and Uncle Bobby and Meric came correct in the basement with oldschool and funk gems galore.

I was doing a little experiment with my set, I had re-arranged my records yesterday and decided to play mostly obscure funky jams from labels like Tummy Touch and M Zee Records. Big instrumental band jams, old funk records, and the roots of the Breaks sound. It was totally fun to rock all of those wicked old records buit I don't think I'll try that shit again, at least not with such a young crowd. Nobody recognized anything except for the bootlegs and I get the feeling that they wanted the crisply produced familiar sounds that they were used to, but live and learn right? ;)

Much luv to my new Hungarian friend Eva for making it out, bigups to the WOMP crew (hope you got the bar painted nicely after the show, can't wait to see the new look!), all of my old GBC friends, Lucy and Fawn for the wicked splif in the back alley, Tim Dawg for coming out when he had mad skool ish the next day, Joyse and Lisa for being so nice to me after I drunkenly slipped and smash-rammed my face into oblivion on their steps (it was insane, the whole weight of my records in my backpack drove my drunken head directly into slippery, snow covered tiles, OUCH!), Bigup to Sam for making it out, and especially Randy Chow for coming up and saying hi, I hadn't seen you in AGES man! Much luv to all who came out and anyone I forgot.

Anyway, this is long now...

Don't forget to rock it again tonight at Freebass!



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I already made a post for the reveiew... but I'll keep Dylans going...

Wicked Wicked Womp! Party!!!!

Well last night was another jammed and slammed WOMP! Party. Alll the Djs played wicked sets… Extra special good job to J-Mat who played a wicked set starting wilth one of my favorite artists, Safety Scissors… Next up was The Phat Conductor, and man did he ever crack out some, or I should say all gems… Good job mon frere. Then the big man Kristen S. stepped up for a refreshing breakbeat assault on the crowd. He played a nice and tight energetic hard set… and everyone was lovin’ it. Kristen S is truly one of Canada’s hidden gems. I will definitely be bringing him back.

He’s better than anyone I have heard in a LONG ass time and knows how to rock a crowd. I was glad to see everyone still there at the end as well… it was great to play for such an enthusiastic crowd. You were all kick ass, even the ones who were dancing too hard and making the needles skip…

The basement was killer as well. Mickey D drop some serious funk… and Plastic Motive got to play a super extended set. Uncle Bobby and Surprise guest Meric took to the decks and killed it… The Dirt bike Kid played while I was playing upstairs so I unfortunately missed his awesome set im sure… Thanks for playing even though you were sick bud…

All in all… It was clearly one of the best WOMP!’s ever and it was all thanks to everyone coming out and having a great time…

Look forward to WOMP! #15.

See you soon!



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Originally posted by DaPhatConductor
".............. familiar sounds that they were used to, but live and learn right? ;) "

Live and learn I did. I played stuff that was not my normal style and cleared the basement. JUST!!! in time for me to start my skratching. Everyone always leaves right when I feel like skratching.
So again......Live and Learn!!!

Thanks Wes for the great experience!!!


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dylan rocked it with some seriously crazy records. too bad more people didn't appreciate it. sorry i couldn't stick around to catch anyone else. next time, for sure. :)

thanks for having me out, wes. :)
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Yo D!!

Womp kicked some serious ass! Sorry I missed yer set!

If you tell anyone how old I really am I will be ssssooo embarased. I will deny everything! whatevs lol...

I'm gonna drag out my old breaks crew to represent at yer next jam. Watch out and make space on the dancefloor. These guys are like superman, kung fu combo speed freaks who will mop and dust yer dancefloor while holding yer beer and rolling a J at the same time!!!!! Watch out when they build up into their rotations man!!!!

Ok fer real... breaks girls are always the hottest! but damn they always look so young.... me shadup now.


D my friends are still killing your mix CDs from last March. I think we need a serious reload...

...ever consider merging ska styles LRG with the Izm's? Just a thought. I'm so sick of everything else thse days....

Breaks, rocksteady and ska saved my soul!!!

Kwasi out.
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